Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Fun Day at Funderland

The day before Thanksgiving Nana came up with a great idea for the day...all the ladies go out to lunch, and the guys take all the kids to Funderland!  All the kids and ladies said, "Hooray!"  The men, well, they warmed up to the idea after they realized how fun FUNDERLAND is! 

Here is Grandma and Melanie at the Dancing Fox waiting for a table. 

This picture of Michele and Judy is a little blurry, but I still thought it was so cute.

While we were waiting for our table we were sitting in the wine tasting room.  I don't know why I even took this picture, but when I downloaded it I saw something I had not noticed before.- That ladies sweet lace tights/pants.  She is like, "Can I try some wine to go with my lace tights?"  Even though I hadn't noticed it, I think Grandma did.  Grandma is looking over there thinking, "Where can I get me some tights like that?"  Really she is thinking more like, "What is the world coming to?"

I also like this picture because it captures Grandma's attitude about the whole restaurant, "This place stinks, they don't have any meat and potatoes and the only thing I can find that I like on the whole menu is a dang salad."  

Meanwhile, over in Funderland the grandkids were having loads of fun. (That is Michael and Amelia up front.)

Pure joy.

James with Presley, Luke and Annie in the middle row, and way back there is Joshua.

Fun on the Ferris Wheel.  (Starting from Top Left: Luke, Sophie, Dane and Amelia, and Joshua and Annie)


This picture of Cade and Presley makes me smile and laugh every time I see it.  First, I look at Cade and crack up for so many reasons.  And then Presley, just so sweet and exciting doing her wave.  Love it.

This is the ride that doomed Annie I believe.  The proof is in the pictures.  Look at her in the first picture, "ROCK ON!  This is SO fun!"  Second picture:  "Uh, I am not feeling so well."

I love how excited Presley is here.  I love to see how much my boys like taking care of their little girl cousins. 
Michael, Amelia, and Luke


Annie and James 
(Man, another great thing about having the big boys along for the ride..just looking at these rides makes me want to barf.  I don't know how they do it!)

Michael and Amelia, she is loving it!

Annie and Luke in back,  Joshua, Presley, and James rocking out in front. 

This is my favorite picture of the day I think.  I love Michaels face.  He really loves helping his little cousins.  And check out that hair on Amelia...seriously!?  So beautiful. 

I think that Michael wasn't the only one that loves being with his cousins...

Man, wish I had been there to get Dane in this picture.  Look at these old guys.  Great picture!

After our amazing lunch at the Dancing Fox, Michele and I joined the guys at Funderland to lend our assistance.  We showed up just as they were about done.  Little "Jack Danger?" will be joining Presley in January.  

Papa and Annie

I love this picture!  I think it is the only one that weekend of all the grandkids.  I also love that Fall has just hit in California since all the trees here are bare.  So beautiful!  

The only bummer was that we took the picture right before we left.  You can tell, Annie is about to lose her cookies.  She did shortly after we got home.

Thanks for the great idea, Nana!  
Thanks for lunch, Grandma!  
and a BIG thanks to the guys for taking this crew to 
(The second happiest place on earth.)

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