Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lent and letting things go.

For Lent my Mom and I are "letting sweets go".  No, we are not Catholic...but I think it is a great concept and so we both decided to go for it.  She brought me this yummy Giant Rice Krispee Treat on Fat Tuesday to kick things off.  So far, I HATE not having that piece of chocolate after dinner, or a cookies here and a bite of candy there.   I guess that means I am pretty dependent on treats so this will be good for me.  I have already been trying to be better since January....but this is serious business!  No sweets until Easter.  Yikes. 

Another thing I am letting go of is as much clutter that I can part with. For a few years I have done mini-versions of 40 bags in 40 days but this year I am going to step it up a notch. I sent three giant boxes to the DI (our donation location) with Ryan this week.  I know we have lots more to go.  This is also a cure when you want to move out of your house and can't.  Clean and de-clutter....instant cure.

These days we are letting go of some family rules.  Things like, "Stay out of the Living Room" and "Don't Jump of the Balcony".

Keep in mind that Ryan is over 6 feet you can just see how high this girl is flying. 

It may not look like it but this balcony is VERY high and so are these ceilings.  I mean, just look at the door under the balcony- it is a regular height, and then that balcony comes off the second story.  These guys are crazy. 

That pile on the floor in the middle of the room has been there all week....letting things go. 

Even the pets are going stir crazy.  Here is Gary the Bearded Dragon taking a ride on Michael's beloved Wolf.  I think he is enjoying the ride. 

This is a bad picture, but see the three dogs out there.  They have taken over the hillside.  They run up and down the hills and wear each other out.  

 These two are the main culprits.  Daisy (our Golden) runs over and gets Misty (The Lassie Dog) that belongs to Joshua's good friend AJ.  They are so funny and get into all kinds of trouble.  In January we decided to take Daisy to Pet Smart for a Dog Training class.  We walked in the class and started laughing.  Guess who else was in the class?  That is right, Daisy's best friend Misty.  I shouldn't let her go and roam the neighborhood...but she sure loves it. 

Today is the first Saturday in what seems like centuries that we have been able to sleep in.  We didn't go skiing, and there were no swim meets.  So far we have done a big old NOTHING and it is really nice.  I should start cleaning my house. I have just been on the run all week and it really needs it, but I am not going to do it. I am going to let the kids continue to veg out and watch cartoons and I am going to take the dog for a run.  Cleaning will have to wait...I am really letting it go today.  I will let you know how letting the treats go is going next week.


  1. Hi Natalie, I just found your blog through clover lane. I loved your comment to Sarah's post and clicked on your name and it brought me here. I just wanted to let you know, I'm also trying to give up sugar for Lent but am having a REALLY hard time. I also wanted to let you know that I am Catholic and the nuns in school when I was growing up told us that we could have what we gave up on Sundays! Some tell me they have never heard of it but knowing I can eat sugar on Sunday is what gets me through the week! Anyways, great blog, I'm enjoying it!

    1. Amy...So glad to have you stop by! I SO glad to hear the little Lent tip from an official Catholic. That is so funny because when I was researching Lent I did see that on several websites...that Sundays were Feast Days and you could take a day off. Also, since it is technically 46 days long and Jesus fasted for 40 days the six extra days are Sundays. When I told my Mom she seemed skeptical. Since that is what the Nuns told you I am going to take it as will give me something to look forward to. :) In the meantime I will stay strong! It is so hard!