Thursday, February 28, 2013

What a month...

 I am so glad for MARCH to come! I know that March isn't really the beginning of Spring around here...we should be in for more snow, but it means it is around the corner! Here is some of the good and bad from this past month...

On the 6th, James knocked out three of his front permanent teeth.  Our great dentist fixed him up like new...but it brought to our attention that James has been having Absent instead of just going to the dentist, we went to the doctor, the hospital for an EEG, and the neurologist.  Didn't expect this when the month began, but we are glad we now know what is going on. More on that later...

That same week I was driving the kids to school and THIS happened.  We purchased new tires a month or so ago and keep having trouble with them keeping air pressure. We have had to make SEVERAL trips to Big O this month and hopefully have it all worked out. The good news?  For once I wasn't in my bathrobe when I drove the kids to school, and I even had my hair combed.  Good thing. 

I taught my last trampoline class for a while and it is kind of a relief.  I love doing it, but it will be a good break until we do it again in the spring or summer.  In the meantime, I have been doing Insanity video's at home and walk/running with the dog.  I decided since Sophie is now two, it might be time to get back in shape. 

Daisy graduated from her class at Pet Smart.  She really was the star student.  She would do everything the instructor told her to do and learns really fast.  She still has a ways to go! 

On President's Day I took this crew to the Idaho Falls Museum.  The Museum was celebrating their 10th birthday and so admission was free.  Note to self-usually when things are free to the public it is not worth going.   It was PACKED.  This is us standing out in the COLD line. 

I still pinch myself everyday that I have these two...mostly I am so glad they have each other.  Sophie hates when Annie is not home and they love to play together.  Annie dressed them both up here.  They make me laugh and smile everyday. 

On Sunday it was so sunny and I was really feeling Spring Fever.  I wanted to go on a walk, but the boys said it was too cold.  I didn't believe them.  The girls were up for it.  

Annie was so excited to ride her bike.  

When we got to some hills, she wanted to me to push/pull her.  I didn't have gloves on and my hands were FREEZING from being on the metal of the bike with an icy cold wind.  I didn't realize that it was not even 20F and WAY colder than I had imagined.  Sometimes the sun can deceive you! We decided to stop at Grandma and Grandpa's and hitched a ride back home in Grandpa's truck.  Sometimes you just have to get outside, cold or not!

The Elementary School is having their annual Read-a-thon and these guys have been reading around the clock.  This is on the way home from the Library...thank goodness for books to keep them busy.

Good bye, February!  Can't wait to see what March brings...

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  1. I love your haircut! I have been considering cutting my hair and after reading your blog and seeing your new do...I have scheduled my appt. You look great!