Monday, February 25, 2013


I was waiting for my annual picture of Annie and Sophie together on Valentines before I did my recap of the big day, but I still don't have it.  I will have to get it in another post.  Here is a recap of the big day...

I had set the table all fancy and thought we might have a fancy dinner.  However, with swim practice that night and a bunch of other stuff going on we had pizza instead.  The kids were so happy too! 

And of course, they were heart shaped...yummy.

We had our Annual Adams Family dinner then next night.  Grandma had everything done up really fancy! 

Michael was seated and waiting for the steak....

With everyone local coming, it takes about three tables.  

Not Annie's best picture, but London looks so cute. 

Aunt Jennifer and Isabelle

"The Middles"

Grandpa's Annual Rose Ceremony...

"Annie, will you accept this Rose?"  "Absolutely."  (I can't help it, I have to make references from The Bachelor everytime because I think it is funny.)

Brett and Jennifer

"Yes, dear, of course I will accept this rose.  I will be yours forever."  

Grandpa always gets excited and does a cheer for Grandma. We have a shot just like this from last year.  I love it. 

Grandpa and the girls.  

We missed the rest of the family in Arizona and now Oklahoma.  It was a lovely Valentines Day. Annie said she thought they should have it during the summer, but I told her we had to have it in the winter time to break up the dreary months.  I know some people think Valentines is dumb, but I love having holidays and traditions to look forward to- especially during this time of year.  I am OVER winter.  Do you think if I put out my bunnies and Easter decor it will feel like Spring even if it is only 15F outside?  I am going to try it out.

One more thing....THANK YOU NANA for the awesome Valentine's Package.  The kids loved it.  They all made Valentines for you but I am the worst I still don't have them in the mail.  Maybe for Easter?  :)


  1. I got so shocked when I saw your pic. I am just so used to your long locks it surprised me. I guess in my brain you have long hair so I forgotten untill the pic reminded me. Wish we had been there for the rose ceremony :)

  2. I want to know more about the rose ceremony! It sounds so adorable! You are such a great mama! xoxo

    (your cousin...I don't know why I can't comment from my account...)