Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Wrap Up

We have been trying to take advantage of our Season Ski passes and get up to the Mountain as much as possible this year.  I wish I had a picture of these guys trying to pose for this picture.  You kind of have to hike up to a spot and there is a grand and amazing view of the Tetons.  We didn't dare take this group any higher because there was a lot of slipping and sliding taking place and I didn't want to risk someone falling the wrong direction down the mountain.  So, we may have missed part of the Tetons, but you can see what a beautiful day this was!  (Cousins- Alexis and Emmaline, Grandpa, and the boys-Luke and Michael.)  

This one is a bit better with Luke, James, and Joshua.  I am so proud of them all! Luke and Michael have improved by leaps and bounds this Season and James and Joshua are amazing.  

This picture just makes me laugh. 

EVERY time I go skiing I just want to pack up and move up here.  I would love to be closer to the mountains and be able to come up here every day.  It would be a definite lifestyle change, but I think it would be exciting.  I could give up living by a Target if this was my back yard...

Alexis and Emmaline on the lift with me...

Josua and I
(I had my hair here...I have to admit.  Last night was the first night I felt a TINGE of regret cutting it all off. I was just missing it.)

James and I

Last Saturday it was just the boys and I.  (And Abigail too!)  I left Michael and Luke to fend for themselves for few runs so I could go once with the big kids.  I was impressed.  They fear nothing and every black diamond, drop off, and powdery mogul is calling their name.  My legs were burning and I realized that they can kick my butt on that stuff!  As for the groomed runs, I still hold that I beat them in form.

I just took this picture cause it was all four of the guys after Church and this is just so them.  When not skiing they love to veg on the couch.  Notice they are all sitting there and then look at James.  Sometimes I will find him upside down-always in motion. 

For the past couple weeks we have had sickness coming through our house AGAIN.  I am getting really tired of it and it seems we have been sick for an entire year, catching every single thing that goes around.  It started with Sophie this time, then went to Annie.  They didn't move for days. 

The little girls looked so pathetic when they had it.  So sad.  Joshua has it now.  He has been home from school all week.

This picture of Ryan above is being weird and won't let me adjust it.  Last week we went down to Salt Lake and splurged on some custom ski boots for Ryan and I.  Long story, but we have had trouble due to weird feet issues finding comfortable ski boots that fit right.  These puppies are a dream come true.  Expensive, but if you are going to be skiing a lot it is worth every penny in my book.  

Sunday morning...these girls getting their dolls ready for Church. 

I was really happy for the distraction because the morning had started out with a lot of tears.  

Annie really wanted to wear these new dresses I got them.  I told her only if she would let me put pink sponge rollers in her hair. Well, when I took them out that morning, she HATED her hair.  I thought it looked darling and sort of retro with the dress.  I tried to capture her crying to herself in the mirror, but she would barely allow it. 

I remember days like this in High School..."oh, no, my big poofy hair just won't go right..." 

She finally collected herself...

And by the time we headed out she was happy. 

This one was not, so no photo shoot together happened.  Hey, I captured them playing dolls and that is good enough! 

Later that night I was just so happy to be expecting again, I miss having a small baby around. 

Ryan just took this picture because at night this is what I look like-five months pregnant with a ball of bloatedness.  This is what led me to thinking I had Celiac Disease and going Gluten Free for three years.  Symptoms are officially coming back...I will just pretend I am pregnant instead. 

And finally....a picture of our front yard.  January was a good month for snow.  I have really enjoyed it, but I am a little over all the crappy road conditions.  It does make for a beautiful winter around here though! 

 Well, that is it for my random wrap up. Cheerio!

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  1. Haha, I love the pregnant belly shot. I have issues with that every once in a while. Kaleigh asked me the other day if there was a baby in my stomach.

    You really need to move to Ogden. . . you can be 26 minutes from the Snowbasin parking lot and 10 minutes from Target. Best of both worlds!