Friday, March 22, 2013

I miss these guys....

In some ways this week as FLOWN by.  Everyday has been so packed with appointments, meetings, lunches, scouts...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  But looking back on these pictures it seems like it has been a LONG time since I took them.  Ryan went to California for business and took these two little gremlins with him to visit their Nana and Papa.  I took these pictures on the way out the door.  

(They all had to wear green because even though they would be in the car for 12 hours, it was St Patricks Day.)

All ready to go...

Talking about the fun drive ahead.  (I don't think they remembered what they were in for.)

Sophie wasn't into saying goodbye too much.  She was more into her yogurt. 

BYE BYE, MOM!  (Good thing there is no one taking a picture of me because this was the part where I was bawling my eyes out.)  

Letting my kids leave always feels SOOO wrong.  This could be due to several factors:

A.  The Spirit is guiding and prompting me that maybe this is the wrong decision for some unforeseen reason.
B.  It's too long a drive, what if it is too much for Nana and Papa, it might be so hard, maybe it would just be easier to keep them here.
C.  I am a crazy, psycho  (but I maintain normal) mom.  

Ryan assured me that the correct answer is C. 

And with that, I let them go.  Looking back I think the "unforeseen" reason COULD have been that my sweet mother-in-law has had the flu all week so I feel really bad about that.  Besides that, however, it sounds like the girls have been having a ball!  And I have to be honest, it has been nice to be able to focus all my attention on the four boys.  The girls are really good at soaking up that attention stuff.  I have had so much going on that it would made for a really stressful week even with Ryan here and the girls.  Knowing they are being watched and cared for while I run all over the town has been wonderful! Thank you Nana, Papa, Michele, and Dad!

Plus, they are doing lots of fun things like this...
Eating popcorn and watching a movie with Papa and cousin, Presley. 

Thank Goodness Aunt Michele was visiting so she could help with the girls a bit while Nana was sick. She posted this online with the caption, "Here comes trouble!"  I am so glad the girls were able to spend time with them as well. 

I am ready for them to come running through the door though!  

Annie...I miss your help around the house!  

Sophie-the boys miss wrestling and playing with you.  Even Joshua has been complaining after school, "It's just too quiet around here."  

Who ever thought that with all these boys things would be TOO quiet?

And of course, WE MISS YOU TOO, DAD!

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  1. I totally understand how it feels so wrong to be apart from your girls. As I just Facetimed with my kids who are with their dad I had the same feeling. I totally get it.