Monday, March 11, 2013

Right now I am dreaming of days like this....(taken at Bear Lake).  

Or a day at the Beach sounds pretty nice....

Speaking of days at the beach with was Nana's Birthday this weekend (along with Heidi and Grandma C's).  My kids are sure missing Nana and Papa lately and keep asking when we can go out and see them.  I wish we could all just jump in the car and forget about school for a week!

While reminiscing about warmer weather I ran across this little gem.  This was Luke right before moving from California.  He is so squishy and cute.

Here is Michael...not as squishy but every bit as cute.  He is about two feet taller now. 

Every February/March I decide I want to move.  Then I have to remind do this every year at this time.  The snow is slowly melting.  I am pretty happy about it. It still looks like the lone and dreary world out there.  It is muddy and there are no leaves on the trees.

Now I better run.  I just heard Michael yell, "Why is my brother trying to ruin my life?"  I hear a fight brewing.  I better stop dreaming of the beach and stop a war.  :)  Happy Monday!

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