Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is lovely in the Tetons

 The past three years we have gone to California for Spring Break to visit Nana, Papa, friends, and family.  This year since Ryan and the girls had just returned, we decided to take advantage of every last bit of skiing we could and stick around here.  The week started off pretty COLD and we just kind of hung out.  However, by the end of the week we had gotten a few really good days up at Targhee in.  Thursday was by far the best day.  It was beautiful, warm weather and our entire family was able to go up together.  The eight of us met up with Grandma and Grandpa, a couple of David's girls, and the Pollards.  It was so much fun.

Sophie isn't quite ready to hit the slopes and so we took turns hanging out with her here, out in the open air.  She was an angel.  She was SO good the entire day.  She never even napped.  She just enjoyed hanging out, taking in the sunshine, tromping around in the snow, and watching all the people.  (And eating yummy snacks!)  If every ski day could be this perfect I would take her all the time! 

That's Joshua and James over on the right with the Pollard and Adams girls.  Uncle Brett is a great sport...even though he didn't grow up skiing he still gives it a whirl every time. I don't think he loves it yet, but it sure makes his girls giggle and I think they like it. 

Here Grandma, Grandpa, and Sophie have joined the crew.  I think I must have been skiing with Michael, Luke and Annie when this was taken. 

Michael likes to keep us entertained on the ski lift...

Luke is always happy, and he gets the MOST IMPROVED skier award this year.  You would never even know this was his first year.  He is a natural!

We were trying to get all the grandkids lined up for a picture with Grandma and Grandpa and I really should have just taken a video.  We had people tumbling, crashing, and getting their skies all tied up. There is a pretty steep drop off that I am in constant fear of a kids skiing down when we do this. Amazingly, we actually did end of getting a great picture that I can't show you!

There goes my girl!

James, Abigail, Joshua, and Sadie-
These four pretty much just take off and do their own thing.  It is pretty neat that they all have each other and they really LOVE to ski together. There must be something about the mountains because they just get along great and do their thing. (This is not always the case with Joshua and James.)  They have their favorite runs they do together.  I can't believe how aggressive and fearless they are. I know I wasn't anywhere near that adventuresome at their age.  (Let's be honest any age.)   I love to watch them when I get a chance.  This is the crew Ryan likes to spend his time with when he can.  He fits right in! Sometimes we have to remind him that he is almost 40 and he can't do all crazy tricks from his youth. 

Joshua hadn't seen Annie ski yet and he couldn't believe it.  

I mostly spent my time with these three musketeers. 

Isabelle (way up front), Alexis, and Annie.  Alexis is a natural caretaker and always checks to make sure the beginners are okay. his element.

Grandpa and the girls...isn't it beautiful!?

Here comes Sadie...

We kept getting frustrated because every time I tried to get a great shot of Joshua taking a jump off something my camera would freeze up.  Even though I missed the good shots, I still think you can't go wrong with a photo like this...

This one at least he was airborne..just a little late on the snapshot. 

I just thought this picture of Lauren sitting with me relaxing in the sun was cute...

The next day Ryan had to get back to work, and some of the kids wanted to stay home and relax.  I headed up with three of the boys.  It was not the perfect day that we had had the day before, but we had fun.  I think we experienced every kind of weather possible on the mountain that day.  Cold, Hail, Snow, Sleet, Fog, Sunshine... everything. 

Anyone who has even skied at Grand Targhee is familiar with the "Panties and Bra" tree located on the side of the chair lift where all the CHILDREN ski.  They always ask the first time they go, "Why would someone throw their bikini/underwear/whatever in a tree?"  Friday, the older kids realized that this beauty had fallen off the tree and a race quickly ensued down the mountain to retrieve the brazier. 

Funny enough, Luke was the first to grab it. He waved it around and around like he had won a prize.  Meanwhile, all the people above on the lift were getting a chuckle. 

It was like his banner of freedom....Women's rights for all!

Joshua had to give it a try...definitely not his mama'a bra.  

He wanted to be sure and return it to it's rightful tree on the way back up.  Unfortunately, it caught on his pole  or glove and floated gracefully back down to where they had found it.  I think some other kids discovered it and got to have a little excitement trying to throw it back in the tree too...
PS Boys, your fun with large braziers ends here.  

Well, that wraps up our fun and exciting Spring Break in the mountains.   It is back to school bright and early tomorrow morning.  Not looking forward to that one...

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