Friday, March 15, 2013

It's like Halloween around here...

A couple weeks ago was our school's annual Read-A-Thon.  For some reason...and I am still not quite sure why, they all dressed up as clowns that Friday.  This outfit was from when I was a little kid.  My mom made it for one of us.  She was good like that.  He decorated his face at school so I can't take responsibility for that one...

The first graders and Kindergarten could also wear their PJs.  (Pajama/Clown Day, I know I was confused too.)  Luke won this big container of Loot and he was pretty excited about it!  I love Pajama Day and would not mind if they had it once a week. I remember back when "Dr Laura" was on the air she occasionally ranted about Pajama Day's at school and how they were trying to sexualize our children.  She advised to NEVER send your child to a school that would do such a thing.  I am sorry, Dr Laura, I can't go there with you on that one. I love Pajamas and I don't think any little kids are wearing sexy PJ's to school.  My kids usually wear something involving flannel pants and a cozy top.  What is not to like?  My favorite go-to outfit if I am being honest. 

Michael wanted to be a clown/soccer player. 

That same night Annie got invited to her first Princess Birthday Party and to say she was excited would be an understatement.  Luckily she found some costume items that Nana had sent her and she was all ready to go the ball! 

 It is too bad this picture was blurry...but I just love it anyway.  This was her RUNNING in excitement to go the party. 

This is Annie's friend Keisha.  Keisha is seven and Annie is only four, but they are still great friends.  Keisha is so sweet to Annie and takes her under her wing.  She even invited Annie to the big girl party so Annie was double-excited.

Hooray for dressing up in March!

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