Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Fun in St George

We didn't keep a tight schedule while in St George.  It was after all, our first week of summer vacation. We tried to get out each day though and see something new.  One day we went to see the home of Jacob Hamblin, a Mormon Pioneer. 

Every night when I tuck the kids in bed, I say pretty much the same thing that my Mom said to me.  

Good Night, Sleep Tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite...

The missionaries that gave the tour showed us how they would beat the bed bugs out of the feather comforter with that rolling pin above the bed.  Then they would pull the bed tight and roll the feathers back out.  

I am always amazed at the conditions our ancestors lived in for hundreds of years, and today we would find it such a discomfort!  Jacob Hamblin was the same height as Ryan is and this bed looked pretty tiny.  I think he would have had to sleep diagonally on there. 

Joshua supporting Annie again outside the home. 

 The early pioneers were some hard working, tough folks.  Life was hard, and Jacob Hamblin was not spared from any adversity.  He dealt with a wife that left him and his children and later losing his sweetheart/second wife to death.  (Not to mention just the regular trials of being a pioneer.)

It you are wondering where the other kids were on this little excursion, we left the three boys back at the condo.  They kept fighting and we had given them many warnings.  I was sad they missed seeing the house because I knew they would have liked it.  :(  

Later that night, our good friends invited us to their beautiful home to swim and have a BBQ.  I think it was the highlight of the trip for the kids.  

It is always fun to see Suzie and Sharon.  Suzie's little dog is so cute. 

The kids LOVED the waterslide. 

Annie wanted me to get a picture of her doing a Karate Chop into the water. 

The Burrs are so kind and generous to us!  The kids loved their pool and toy room.  Brother Burr fixed us the yummiest meal of hamburgers on the grill, corn and the cob, watermelon, and french fries.  (We are still dreaming about those french fries...)  It was so fun to catch up with them!

We enjoyed taking walks and small hikes around St George.  The kids would quickly find walking sticks, rocks, and treasures of the path, and of course you could not beat the scenery! 

The kids can't resist that red dirt! 

This little girl needs some practice in the hiking department.  She likes to skip and dottle along along the path for a few minutes and then quickly requests a ride.  

Despite Joshua passing out from low blood sugar, a fun time was had by all! 


  1. I just can't get over Annie and her poses. Cracks me up every time I see them.

  2. Fun! I love the pictures. That pool looks so refreshing!

  3. I especially love the pic of you with all the kids, and of course, Annie's poses are awesome!