Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Race in Ten Years

  Every year there is a race in our town, To Bone and Back, and I have always thought it would be fun...but you are on teams and the logistics have never really worked out.  Well, the week before the race my good friend, Juliana, asked if I wanted to fill in on her team.  After having Pleurisy and my lung problems this Spring, I had not gotten back to exercising. Had I been running at ALL? No.  However, I would be running the last leg, which was either slightly downhill or flat, and it was only five miles.  I could do that!  So, with NO recent training, and being in the worst shape ever, I ran on their relay team.  It was so much fun!  (At least the cheering for others before and the feeling when it was done was fun.)

Ryan brought the kids out to support me along the way, they had just come home from the Father's and Son's outing when I started running.  I am feeling pretty good here.  I have my music going and I am enjoying the scenery. 

The second half of my race was right into town and I have to admit, my pride kept me going .  The boys were so cute to bring me water and run along side of me cheering!  

I couldn't help but keep running with these guys yelling, "Go, Mom!"

I was SO happy it was only five miles.  The sun was high and I was hot and tired. 

I feel slightly pathetic that I was so worn out after five miles, but I think I was seriously in my worst shape ever.  Luckily, my team was happy with our finish. We had some really great runners that went before me.  I can't believe there are people that run that whole race solo~all FORTY miles!  WOW. 

 Thanks for inviting me to run, Juliana!  It inspired me to start doing it again.  And the best part was, after the race I had no lung pain at all! 

I came home from the race to this yummy thing waiting for me on our counter...

I was SOOOO surprised to find out this handsome young man had made it.  I think he felt a little bad about not being there to cheer me on.  All was forgiven when I dug into the cake.  Seriously, coming from him especially,  it meant A LOT!!!  

Thanks to my Mom too for coming with the girls to cheer me on.  I had some serious support.  (Much more than I had on my Marathon.)  Maybe the key is sticking to local races.  

And here is a picture I found from Annie's Birthday that I missed. (It was the day after the race.)  We are all enjoying those ribs I told you about. 

As you can see, any calories I might have burned throughout my run, were put right back on within the next 24 hours.  I had to make sure my body was properly nourished, right?!  I mean this WAS my first race in 10 years after all!

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