Thursday, August 29, 2013

Friends, Family, and Random Summer Snapshots

Our friends from our California days came to visit for a weekend back in June.  They now live in Colorado. We showed them all the big sights here in Idaho Falls.  (We didn't really...I think we were kind of lame hosts!)  One of the days we did manage to take a jaunt up to the BYU Idaho.  In college we always called BYU (Utah) "the BYU", it kind of stuck.  Anyway, we walked around campus with all our kids and got lots of looks from students.  I remember back in the day seeing people like us..."old people" walking around campus.  Do I look that old?  Probably, because all the students look REALLY young!

James and Andrew chatting it up in the Cafeteria. 

Sophie enjoyed herself.  The kids liked being able to choose any kind of food possible to eat.  

We made all the kids pose after getting a few souvenirs.  See all these boys?  We were both "all boy families" when we lived by each other.  These seven boys were it.  Who knew we would end up with those three little blondies on the left end...the girls!  

This is the "real" picture. 

What we looked like walking around campus.  Since Ryan was working, it was just me with Kristina and Sam.  We were hoping no one thought we were sister-wives.  Just kidding.  Mormons DO NOT have sister wives.  (Anymore at least.)  

It was sure fun to catch up on old times.  We took this picture really late the last night they were here.  In case you are wondering, we were trying to strike an "Annie" pose. 

These two were just babies when we last saw each other, but they became friends fast!

PS  Their little girl's name is Natalie too.  I like to tell myself it is after me!!!  Everyone needs a namesake, right?  If they decide they don't want her, I will gladly take her in!  Somehow, I don't think they will give her up.  She sure is a cutie though. 

I have been SO grateful to have a working washer and dryer after a few months of problems.  However,  I will miss all those fun times we had at the laundry mat.  Not to mention all those nice people you meet!  These two were "supposed" to be helping me, but they managed to hide instead. 

Sometimes on Summer afternoons when you have a lot of bored kids, but you need to get things done, I recommend letting go of expectations and letting them all zone out to a movie.  Look how quiet they all are.   I have to say, I will actually miss afternoons like this when school starts next week.  

We have FHE once a month with our entire extended family.  Summertime is always fun, because there is more family around.  I found this picture on my phone of Grandpa giving us all a is a picture I want to remember.  I believe he was teaching the importance of hard work?

I love capturing moments between London and Annie.  Annie was obviously listening really closely to the talk. 

I LOVE this picture that Grandma sent me of Holden (cousin) and Joshua from their fishing trip with Grandpa.  It is the kind of picture you pull out in February to remind yourself why you love Idaho so much.  I love summer in Idaho! 

Not the best picture, but someone on Facebook thought there were only two Adams girls and so they had a bet going.  We had to send them a picture to prove there were actually three of us!  

Sometimes when the kids take my phone I get pictures of my screen at the moment.  I am glad they captured this sweet message between Ryan and I.    It also captures the crazy hours we sometimes keep around here. 

Cell phones are so fabulous for communicating when your husband works in the basement and you are upstairs.  I often go to sleep and then wake up to see Ryan still hasn't come to bed so I shoot him a text.  Sometimes he is working so hard, he doesn't get back to me until 4:52AM!  And now I must sign off so I don't have any of these late night texts tonight!  I must get some sleep so I have my A game on tomorrow.  Heaven knows to have it on during these last few days of Summer Vacation.  My patience is starting to get THIN.  :)

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