Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three Days Later...

Three days after James' birthday is Annie's.  She was so excited to turn FIVE this year.  Her birthday fell on a Sunday and after church we had a big dinner to celebrate both Annie and James. (Ribs, the birthday favorite lately.)

Here she is...getting SO old! 

Sophie got pretty excited about all the gifts too. 

Since Dad was out of town on James' birthday, James still had a few more gifts to open with Annie.  

Thanks for the present, Nana!

Sophie trying out Annie's new bike helmet. 

Later that evening our friends came over for cake and ice-cream.  Between our two families it makes for lots of kids and fun!  

Annie had her first very own birthday party the next day.  She was only inviting five little girls, but somehow the party expanded and we had quite the crew!  I gave several suggestions for a party since this would be my first "girl' party.   I suggested a Tea Party, a Spa, dress ups, and all the parties I had thought up through the years.  However, Annie had her heart set on the old (and I mean old)  Pizza Parlor and game place.  Not my first pick, but boy was it easy and she had lots of fun! 

Two little munchkins hiding under the table. 

The birthday crew...complete with Hello Kitty Cupcakes.  Have you been able to tell that she is just a little into Hello Kitty!?

Cousin London

Annie and her good Preschool friend

The girls are so cute at this age.  When I told them they could go use their coins they all RAN and with excitement. 

Cousin Isabelle playing pinball

Cousin Eliza got pretty lucky with the tickets too!

This is all the loot they won with their tickets.  I think this guy in the black was happy to see us leave. Making sure everyone had their tickets counted, turned in, AND were satisfied with their prize was a quite a feat!

Here is Isabelle, Emmline, Annie, and Eliza coming down the slides. 

Every single part of Annie's party was a success.  She just loved it. 

I am FIVE!

The BIG thing about this birthday was on a little movie I tried to upload with no success. It is a video of her riding her new BIKE with TWO wheels!  She was so determined and took right off that same day.  Details to come!  

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