Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Start of Birthday Season

June kicks off the first of our summer birthdays...and from there they don't stop until the end of July!  I think we start off pretty strong, but by the time Ryan and I's roll around we are pretty birthday'd out.  

This year James turned 12 and so that is a pretty special year in our house!  His birthday fell just in time for him to attend a huge Scout Encampment this year.  What better way then to start off the special day then with donuts? 

He requested a birthday party this year at ijump and so that is what we did.  It makes for pretty easy party planning and the kids all had fun! 

Dodge ball is always a favorite, once they are hit they cheer their friends on from the sidelines. 

Another favorite is jumping into the foam pits.  Well, with these guys it is never really just "jumping", it is doing as many flips and twists as possible. 

James was really spoiled by his friends! 

Pizza time! 

 We had a fun crew and they sure made his day special. 

12 years old marks a beginning for many new things...

Mutual (our church youth group)
 Being ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and passing the Sacrament
Starting Middle School

 Cheers to a great year ahead!

James' birthday falls at such a pretty time of year here in Idaho.  Everything is so green and the days are sooooo long.  I took some pictures out our front door the night of his birthday. (Which happens to be the second longest day of the entire year.)

I think I snapped in about every direction.  I love this white barn, it is just right below our house. 

The sun setting on a GREAT day!  Love you, James!

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