Friday, September 13, 2013

School's in Full Swing

Well, we have made it through two weeks of school now.  I am really liking our schedule and the kids seem to all like their classes.  We have adjusted to getting to bed earlier, and waking up early so life is good.  I mentioned in the last post that no matter how hard I try, I just am not a morning person.  I have discovered that I CAN do mornings, just not at full speed.  So this week I have been waking up a half hour or so before the kids.  I don't go run six miles, I don't get the entire house cleaned, but I DO get some alone time before I wake up the monsters.  I make sure I get in a prayer of my own.  I make lunches before they get up and start breakfast and the mornings seem to go much better! If I am lucky I might even get a load of laundry going.    It also helped that my father-in-law was here this week and was on driving duty.  I told him I could really get used to that!  Another bonus is the kids have a bit more time this year before they have to be out the door so I am grateful for every little thing that helps!  

This year we have five out the door in the morning, but because we were waiting to see if the school could squeeze Annie in, we had to wait one extra day.  So one LAST time, JUST the boys head out the door.  I looked at last years pictures and I can't believe how much they have grown!  

Joshua-9th grade 

James-7th grade

Michael-4th grade

Luke-3rd grade

Last day with just the girls at home all day!

The next day, Annie was able to go to school too! 

I don't know if her backpack is big enough?

So this year was a big year for "firsts".  (Joshua, James, and Annie) Who ever would have thought I would have graduated from High School in Idaho Falls, and who would have thought that twenty years later my firstborn would start in the SAME High School!?  Go Knights!

I had to go in a register Joshua so we arrived at the same time as Sadie.  I thought it was cute that they were coordinating! 
 (I was even matching, but somehow matching your mom/aunt doesn't seem as cool.)

Out takes...

Annie headed off for first day of Kindergarten with her brothers to show her the way around!

She looked kind of small in line.  She was so excited! 

Daisy sits and waits for them to get back. 

And I get three hours to hang out with this cutie all alone.  Here we were at Sam's Club and she insisted on bringing her guns in.  I tried to get her to conceal her weapons, but it wasn't happening.  

Sorry for any typos, I have to RUN out the door.  Annie is done with Kindergarten at 10:55, so that means I have to be off by 1045!  You heard me right.  Ya, there were not too many tears shed because she is gone fast enough for me to do the dishes and get ready and she is back already.  I am glad because Sophie and I sure miss her!

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