Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Luke's Birthday

I know, I know...catch up already!  I swear I will never make it through July!  But I can't forget our important SUMMER BIRTHDAY #3-MR LUKE!  This year was an important birthday, the great EIGHT.  I just have to say that Luke is the sweetest kid.  He never asks for anything.  After lots of prompting he said that he wanted to go to ijump, and so we called all the cousins to tell them we were going-nothing big.  He also requested rainbow cupcakes.  Besides that-nothing.  And poor guy...that was all he got.   It was such a crazy few weeks that he got nada in the gift department.  So lame, and he didn't even complain.  I tried to make up for it later.  Hopefully, it was still a great day to remember!


His brothers enjoying some dodgeball.


I could not get these four to pose for anything!  At least Will is making an attempt.  (or is that Max?)

Having fun...I love this picture!

Sophie LOVED jumping.  It was so cute. 


I am always the one taking the here is some evidence that I am actually alive and with the kids. (Thanks for taking this, Melissa!)

Chloe with all the little cousins...

 Eliza, Luke the Duke, and Isabelle

Sophie finally wore out and went to Heidi. 

Thanks for coming everyone!  You made Luke's Birthday extra special!

That evening we invited all the cousins back for cake and ice cream at the house. 

He was really grateful for a nice Nana, Grandma, and cousins so he would have some gifts to open!

He opened a really cool money box that had pictures and bills all attached to each other. 

It just kept on going!

Happy Birthday to you...

Eight, seriously!?

I might have bombed in the gift department, but I must admit, these cupcakes were pretty fabulous.  They were little mini's of the kind that you open and have rainbow color-they looked AND more importantly tasted great.  

Hope all your dreams come true, Luke!  

We are so happy you came to our family eight years ago! 

And one more blast from the past...I just want to squeeze you here.  All I can say is that at EIGHT years old, you still have the best cheeks for me to squeeze!  So glad you haven't lost them yet.  

(PS Is this not Sophie, or what!?)

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