Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday at Bear Lake

I can't believe that it has been two months since we were at Bear Lake.  That makes me sad that summer is officially almost over.  Our Sundays at Bear Lake are usually always the same.  This year we had the added bonus that it was Holden's 14th Birthday.  

(He was trying to recreate the Michael Jordan picture from back in the day.)

We seem to take the same pictures every year, usually a picture on the balcony before heading to church. This year we never seemed to gather everyone, so it was just Annie. 

Holden always spends his birthday at Bear Lake.  Here he is opening his gifts.  This one was from us. 

Sister Weatherston (in our ward here in Idaho Falls) made my Mom some of her awesome cupcakes for the trip.  They were so yummy!  

I think I need them right now. 

I am usually the one behind the camera, but on this particular day, Joshua took all these pictures.  Nic is looking at Joshua here like, "What are you doing with that camera?"

We decided to take family photos that day at the last minute.  Chloe was not thrilled with her hair.  I told her I would make her beautiful!  I miss curling long hair.  

Another one of Joshua's shots...everyone in the Adams Family looks tired!

In the afternoon, after church and lunch, we always go on the same little stroll/hike up in the canyon. Here's Michael...

James and Annie reading about the native wildlife. 


I think the boys could have just spent all afternoon playing on the roots of this tree that fell down. 

Nic and James

Heidi and Travis.  Do you like our official/professional shirts Heidi designed and had printed for the reunion?  

Michael always seems to have some sort of sword in hand. 

Chloe looking all Hollywood on the hike.  

Here comes Sadie and Dad....hey, Brett, don't take the hike too seriously.  


Holden and London.  The big kids are always good about helping with the little ones. 

Melissa and David...and Max?

 And here comes Grandma...

Everything is so beautiful in Logan Canyon!  

Our annual cousins picture. 

Grandma is the other photographer in the family. 

 I was trying to get a cute picture of these two and told Luke to cooperate already.  But, when I looked through all the pictures, I ended up choosing the one with the bunny ears...because it is so Luke and Annie, always teasing each other. 

 Note to self...don't take pictures when the sun and shade are not cooperating, they won't work unless you really know what you are doing.  Oh, well. I am including them anyway. 


James has no fear of hanging from high branches and taking risks.  It scares me more now since he has Absent Seizures. 

At Bear Lake we have groups and these three were my group...the Candy Apples.  Maybe not the hardest workers come chore time, but I would take them again!  They are so cute. 

James hiding up in a tree again. 

I don't remember why Jennifer stayed behind with it was Uncle Brett and the girls.  



Luke, Nic, and James near the end of our hike.  So beautiful! 

Here comes Aunt Heidi with Austin and Annie

Nic, Abigail, Joshua, and James at the trailhead. 

Luke, Michael, Lauren, and Alexis

Fun memories!  

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