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Halloween...recap + my top costume finds

I love Halloween! I swear that school starts and then BOOM, it's Halloween, BOOM, it's the Holidays.  I think I just love holidays because they take us out of the "ordinary" grind and give us all something to look forward to.  This Halloween was a little bitter-sweet as I am seeing that the older boys are wanting to be with friends, and dressing up is just not the excitement it used to be.  With the little ones it is so MAGICAL, and it is sad to see that they are not ALL in that stage anymore.  :(  Boo. 

So, I really took the time to just ENJOY each minute doing all the things I love and not stressing.  

One thing I LOVE is that our school still does a Halloween parade.  Our school in California did this too.  I know that we are one of the few schools that still do this little tradition, and I just love it.  The kids are so proud to strut around the school showing off their costumes.  Since Annie is in Morning Kindergarten, they did their parade separate from all the big kids. 

The 5th grade did the cutest little Halloween Program.  That is Emmaline up front in her Minnie Mouse costume.  She did great.  I also love that the school does little programs like this where the kids sing and memorize poems.  

 Annie has such a great teacher.  She was the tooth fairy.  I still have memories of class parties when I was little.  My mom sometimes helped and came as a witch.  I still remember she would make ziplock baggies with popcorn and candy corns or pumpkin sugar cookies.  I say BOOOOO to the schools that don't do Halloween parties.  

Now for top costume find #1 of this year....

First of all, it helps that this I think this little girl won the lotto for hair.  It is SO beautiful.  Not only is it thick and shiny, but the color...amazing.  She is in Michael's School class and even though I don't know her very much, I asked if I could take her picture.  

Isn't it fabulous?  

I am just gonna say, I think that all those people who find dressing up from a certain nationality or ethnic group as "offensive" are ridiculous.  You know you have heard it-

 "I am a person, not a costume."  

So the little boy that dresses up as a cowboy, some REAL cowboy that lives around here can say, "I am a person, not a costume."  

And what if you dress up as the president?  He could say he is a "REAL person, not a costume."  

In my personal experience, I feel it is a form of flattery.   I have always been fascinated with traditional clothing from different countries around the world.  When we lived in Germany we all purchased traditional German dresses and lederhosen for the little boys.  So if they want to wear those for Halloween, that is considered offensive to Germans?  I don't get it. 

You know what I find offensive?  That half the female population over the age of 13 thinks Halloween is now, "dress like a slut" day.  Excuse my language.  But seriously, it is used as an excuse to wear sexy lingerie in public pretending you are anything from a cat, to a nurse, to a fairy.  

Okay, back to the Halloween post.

One of my friends from Church (that I have known since I was in High School) and her cute little baby cow.  All of us parents were waiting for the parade to start. 

Here comes Luke...
He and Gunnar were Astronauts together.  Gunnar's Mom got the costumes in Texas and they looked super cute. 

Don't they look like they are waving to the crowds as they get onto the shuttle? 



Annie and Sophie waiting on the sidelines for the big kid parade. 

Two Little Witches

Michael with some classmates getting ready to PARTY!  Michael is the guy from the group Daft Punk....get it he is a "Daft Punk-in"  I saw the idea on Ellen and it was the only idea he didn't shoot down.  At this age it is all about having a "cool" costume.  I don't know how cool it really was since not many kids are familiar with Daft Punk.   He still looked really cute. 

Dad came along to see the older kids parade.  

Once all the kids arrive home from school it is a race to get them all out the door again for the night's festivities.  Joshua and James didn't even want to dress up...gasp!  I told them if they wanted candy, they had to do it.  I told Joshua to throw on a vintage dress and coat I had in my stash.  I grabbed a wig we used from a pirate costume, some pearls, and lipstick. In five minutes he turned into a beautiful young lady.  (Since he wears an 11 size shoe, I couldn't help him out much there.)  Gunnar's dad is an ER doctor so Bridgette got James all kinds of cool doctor ware, but he was just not feeling the Halloween Spirit.  Let me tell you, it took a small miracle so get all six to pose here for our annual Halloween picture.  

Our first stop is to my Grandma and Grandpa's for pictures and a pizza dinner.  (I think this is the greatest thing ever because it means one less thing I have to worry about that day!) And of course, it is their first "trick or treat stop" because Grandma gives out full size candy bars!

Most of the local cousins...

The Doc-

A crazy lady from the 50's chasing the Doc around trying to get him in a better mood. (Which did happen, by the time we got trick-or-treating he had a grand time.)



 Our next stop is a Trunk-or-Treat at our Church.  Don't get me wrong, this is a fun event.  I like seeing all our good friends and neighbors in one location.  
Surprise,  I have an opinion about these general, I think they are a new lame tradition.  I think in most locations they were started as a "safe" alternative to trick-or-treating.  You can trust people that you know and not be tramping around the dangerous neighborhoods of America.  Contrary to what we have been told, Halloween is a VERY safe Holiday, and I have yet to hear of anyone that has  been poisoned by candy or kidnapped my a neighbor, or even hit by a car more than on usual occasions.  I DO understand the reason it was started in our neighborhood.  Our homes are very spread apart, and it is an easy way for everyone to come together and see one another.   I admit, I like it.  The kids love it because it takes them about 15 minutes to get a bag full of candy.  Still....there is something about going to homes, even if you don't know them, and ringing a door bell, and I just like it.  Call me crazy.  But I think trunk-or-treating and the "downtown safe trick-or-treating" in general is for softies.  

Luke and Gunnar

Favorite Costume Find #2-  Amelia Earheart 
This little girl (Sophie) goes to church with us, and how cute is that costume!  I just love this one, period. 

Joshua and his friends trying to pull off one more year of trick-or-treating.  I know that not many people agree with me on this one, but my policy is, as long as they dress up-I don't have a problem with it.  Trick-or-Treat until you drop!  Kids grow up so fast these days, I would rather have them out doing a wholesome activity like knocking on doors and getting candy than a slew of other things teenagers are out doing.  

My good friend, Jelair and her little Lion.  Check out those red eyes!  She looked freaky and fantastic all at once.  

My oldest daughter passing out candy...isn't she pretty?

I told Joshua he had great features for make up!  Thick, naturally dark eyelashes on top and bottom, and full lips.  No fair!

My daughter with the young men her age. 

Annie is ready to move onto the real trick-or-treating!

There were some really great costumes that night!  I am always impressed with the fun parents that pull together great costumes along with their kids. 

Our bishop's costume made the whole thing worth it!  He looked hilarious!

Love this one!
 After the trunk-or-treat, we all head to my sister's house to pick up her girls.  Abigail was Nancy Drew...this skirt was Grandma's when she was young.  

Love this picture of these was at one of the first few houses and captures how much fun they were all having. 

We had A LARGE crew this year, with cousins and friends all shoved into the back of the suburban as we drove them all over the hills in search of the most candy ever. 

Bad picture, but these are the only ones I took...
Sadie (dressed as an Asian lady) taking Sophie up to the house.  Sophie was so excited, and she is at the BEST age for this.  She is so cute and often scored the most candy as she would chatter with the neighbors in each house.  Abigail and Sadie were champs for taking her with them each time.  

She was a die-hard and didn't want to stop when many of the other kids were tired and had had enough. (She was a little dragon)

I could never get her to be still enough for a regular picture. 

 And finally, the night ends like all other Halloweens...

Check out those candy bars!

We had a great day!  The kids are already telling me what they want to be next year.  It will be here before you know it. 

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