Friday, November 29, 2013

Summer Visit to Lodi

I know, so ridiculous that I am still catching up on our summer...but I am busy around here people!   I really love going back through these pictures and all the memories that come back with them.  Can I just say on this week of Thanksgiving that I am SO grateful for cameras. It is so amazing that we can "capture" time and go back and "see" what we have experienced all over again.  I am so grateful that I can freeze for one moment my constantly growing kids.  Anyway, back to our visit to Nana and Papa this summer....lots of fun memories.  

It was only right that these boys had to fill up bucket after bucket of hot water for the little girls swimming outside.  Nana used to do it for them, ALL THE TIME.  I always thought they were so pampered to get a "hot tub" in their plastic disposable pool.  The kids love it. 

I can't tell you how many pictures I have of the boys when they were little and blonde swimming naked in Nana's backyard.  In just a few short is all girls!

Luke lost another tooth.  Love his little jack-o-latern smile.  

Joshua and James

Cute little cousin, Axel. 

Annie, Presley, and Axel taking a walk around the block.  Annie was in heaven being with her California Cousins!

We were able to meet up with our old neighbors at Mickey Grove. 

Sophie and Luke

It's not Disneyland, but they love it.  Here goes the big roller coaster. It was great, we had the whole park to ourselves. 

Manuel with James....buddies since Kindergarten. 

Manuel, Nalli, and their cousin. 

The girls...I remember when Nalli was only three, sooooo cute.  

It was fun to see James with these guys.  They pick right up where they have left off and they are still great friends.  James was able to go home with them and hang out. 

We left to the beach for about five days, then returned back to Lodi.  Nana had a celebration planned for the kids the night before we left.  Check out ALL those sparklers.  

I love Sophie's face here. She was so excited/scared of these little sparkling balls of fire. 

Here is Joshua, getting cra-see with his fire. 

Nana saying goodbye the next morning.  Boo hoo...

I am so thankful for camera's on our phones so we can take pictures of the everyday moments.  Moments like this...
 Annie and Presley cuddling and watching a 'wovie' as Annie has called them for so long. 

I love these pictures of Sophie and Axel.  Seeing Axel made me realize how big Sophie is.  She is not a little baby, that's for sure!

I LOVE this one!  Don't you just wanna SQUEEZE those thighs!?  I am so happy Sophie still has some chub too.  Even her little fingers here still have the "creases" on them.  The "chub" that I love so much must be a Bogren attribute.  Although, I think I was pretty chunky too...

Presley and Annie watching a clip of Annie's cousin Avery.  (It is our favorite! We all have it memorized, Avery.)

 I can just hear Presley giggling.  

This is such a great picture of Annie holding cousin Axel with Great Grandma Flo.  

This is the picture that you are supposed to delete, but I think Grandma's face was so funny, I hope she will forgive me for including it.  Sorry, Grandma!  We love you!

Uncle Cade, Axel, and Aunt Michele

Three little cutes.  

A trip to Lodi would not be complete without a breakfast at IHOP with Grandma.  These guys are in heaven. 

See, I really came on the trip!  Grandma and me, with our fancy lipstick for the big date. 

 Between these two and Grandma....we put away some serious food!  

Annie, Luke, Nana, and Sophie

Dad was even able to sneak away from all his work to join us for the breakfast feast.  Grandma and one of her favorite grandsons.  :)  We all like to think we are the favorite. 

It's always fun to go see old friends while visiting our old stomping grounds.  Sophie was bored of Marla and I talking about decorating and had her own fun with good old Gracie.  (And I mean old.) 

When I look at my car window and see people walking their Pitt Bulls, I know I am home.  

Midiam and the girls at mi restaurante favorito in Manteca.  I still dream of the Green Sauce on my cheese enchiladas.  My favorite food with my favorite people!

NOT a flattering picture of my backside, but I had to do an emergency bathroom stop for Annie in a parking lot. The ladies just had to take advantage of those camera's I am so grateful for.  

I still miss these guys so much!  No one can make me laugh like they do.  I was so grateful the sacrificed on a weeknight to meet up with me.  I love them. 

A review of the trip would not be complete without documenting the controversial "take down" of the rotting shade over Nana and Papa's patio.  Uncle Dave surprised us one morning, he and the boys all helped remove all the dangerous and rotting wood.   Nana and Papa had not had their knee surgery yet and their painful knee situation makes projects like this pretty much impossible.  

We were lucky to see cousin Jenny and her darling little girl.  I think she looks straight off a postcard from 1930...those red lips and rosy cheeks.  She is SO cute and this was taken on her third birthday. 

A trip to the ice cream store with Papa makes everyone happy.  

After a fun-filled two weeks, we head back home without Dad.  He stayed another week for work.  The kids did pretty well considering I couldn't help much while driving.  Thank goodness for electronics.   Just think, next time Joshua can help me with the drive.   :)

One wouldn't say that driving across Nevada is exactly "scenic" but the open skies are still beautiful to me. 

We make it to Idaho when the sun is setting and we pull in around 11pm.  It always feels good to be home. 

So GRATEFUL for our family and loved ones in California.  I am also grateful that we are only a days drive away.  And finally, I am grateful I made it through this post so I am going to bed!

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