Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Wrap Up October

Before it's Christmas, and October is long forgotten in the bustle of the holidays,  here are a few things we did over the month!

We met some of the cousins to watch  High School Homecoming Parade.  The Garza's were in town visiting from Arizona for Fall Break.  
 (Note that Joshua, who is actually in HS didn't come.  I guess he wasn't interested in such things.) 

Emmaline and Sophie

Nic and Sadie

Sadie, Holden, and Isabelle

Emmaline and the girls

Grandma and Chloe

Sophie having fun with the weeds. 

Abigail was on the Student Council Float so we were able to cheer her on!

She hooked the kids up with all her candy. 

We love Abbie!

It was a perfect Fall day for a little parade. 

We finished up a great season of Soccer.  I love when Michael and Luke are on the same team! (This needs a whole separate post!)

The deer have taken up permanent residence in the back yard. (You can barely see, but this is a young buck...)

I bid a fond farewell to my worn out iphone.  

We also bid farewell to Sister Woods, we sure miss her.  She was transferred up to BYU Idaho. 

We have really enjoyed having these two in our home. I love the missionaries!

We went to the school to get our annual school pictures taken. 

Sophie practicing her smile. 

Afterwards, we went to lunch with Aunt Heidi since she was in town. 

And Chloe...

We went to a garage sale and got a whole slew of awesome books mostly from the 50s and 60s.  One of my best friend's son is named Leif so I thought this book would be perfect for him. 

All the books have such great pictures...

One of our favorite neighbors, Mariah, was baptized. 

Our Elementary School had it's Annual Fall Frolic.  James, Sadie, Abigail, TJ, Joshua, and Michael (friend) all eagerly volunteered to enter a jalape├▒o eating contest.  Sadly, none of them won.  

These girls roamed all night playing games and collecting prizes. 

Luke and our favorite teacher/friend.  She taught Luke for both Kindergarten AND second grade. 

The Temple looks pretty in every Season. 

Annie had to dress up for Career Day and she chose to be a teacher.  She looked so cute, but for some reason was having a little meltdown here and didn't want her picture taken. 

Fall was such a beautiful month!  We were really spoiled with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. I can't believe that just a short month later now, all these leaves have fallen to the ground and the trees are bare.  Winter is officially here. 

Here is a memory I would not want to forget.  I always try to tell the boys that if they have any "accidents" to not just throw their underwear in the laundry with all the other dirty clothes because it makes for a yucky surprise for me later.  So, my youngest son took it upon himself to obey and "let me know",  I found this treasure waiting for me in the laundry room one morning.  I couldn't help but laugh. 

Lately, if Sophie gets in trouble she will seek comfort from anyone around her that will give her some love and sympathy.  I thought this was cute how she was having a moment on Annie's shoulder.  We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes. 

"Mom, I'm home!"

Annie's first Crazy Hair Day at school. 

I was able to go with Michael's Scout Troop to our local museum to see their display on Guitar's.  Here is Michael and some friends with the largest Guitar in the world.  

And that's a wrap!

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