Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DAY 10 My Niece Abigail

Wow, Day 10, only 90 to go.  :)

My niece Abigail is pretty amazing.  One thing that she is not, is frilly, fancy, fussy, or any of that!  I would say she leans on the side of being a bit more of a tomboy.  She has never been overly into her appearance. She isn't into clothes and makeup.  She and Joshua have always bonded over games, movies, skiing, anything the boys did...so did Abigail!  Well, this Spring (at the very last minute) one of her friends talked her into doing the Jr Miss Pageant.  Abbie is super talented and smart, and really pretty even though she doesn't focus on that...so why not give it a shot?  It would be a good experience and she could maybe earn a little scholarship money at the same time.

I am SOOOO bummed we didn't get pictures of her up close at the beginning. She looked A-mazing. Her hair was gorgeous, we were like WOWZERS when we saw her come out on stage.  Not that she doesn't always look cute, but since she usually doesn't do her hair and make up to that extent, we were all blown away.  I am talking super model here!  And I only have these crappy, grainy pictures taken from a distance to prove it!  (There she is in the middle...)

In the front row on the left...SOOOO sad I didn't get better pictures.  But you can still see her cuteness...

Abigail has been playing the violin since she was a whee girl.  She is not just some girl that learned a fancy song on the violin or the piano for Jr Miss.  She is REALLY good.  Like, really good.  And she looked so cute up there with her skinny legs and cowboy boots playing her music.  Speaking of music...the people running the pageant screwed her music up so she could not hear when to start and it kind of threw her off for a minute.  But still she was amazing and her talent was way more difficult and a MUCH more technical piece than the girl that won the talent part...THE INJUSTICE!  

We were seriously bummed she didn't win more.  (Except for the Physical Fitness Section, fine, I will concede maybe she didn't win that.  She really isn't too much of a dancer...but how does being a dancer show that you are physically fit?  It doesn't. She is in GREAT shape, she just ran a half- marathon.  But somehow doing cheesy cheerleading moves is supposed to demonstrate Physical Fitness.  I will concede that ONE area.)  

Overall, she was amazing. I am not not just the biased Aunt.  She KICKED BUTT in the "question and answer" part.  Do you remember this pageant answer?  Well, I am telling you, they had a few of those that night. Not Abigail, she answered clearly and confidently, and most important INTELLIGENTLY.  I think she won that section.  

I am sure her interview was awesome.  

Let's just say, there was one devastated aunt at the end of the Pageant when she didn't win.  But, don't worry, I carried on. I am fine.  Abigail is fine.  If I was rich, I would have given her my own scholarship called the, "You should have Won in my Humble Opinion Scholarship."

She had a few little fans that also thought she was the bomb!    

Some didn't quite last to the end of the show. 
(Aunt Melissa and Eliza)

Abigail comes out to great her waiting fans...

I have NEVER seen her with very much make up at all...so this is like a different girl with her stage make up.  But isn't she the cutest?  And also, she should get extra points just if the judges knew how OUT OF THE BOX this was for this little Tom Boy. 

Joshua, James and Annie came to cheer her on, can you tell Annie had been skiing all day? 

Abigail with one of her closest friends, who also happened to win the whole Pageant.  She was really great.  Watch out world for these two ladies...


A few weeks later Abigail went to Prom (also kind of last minute).  When I heard, I zoomed over to her house with my make up bag to pretend I was a make up artist to the stars.  We had fun giggling and putting on make up.  As usual, not much to add since she is young and beautiful already.  

We had a good time embarrassing her when her date arrived.  

Remember when you were little and people that went to Prom were SOOO grown up?  The people on Pretty in Pink equaled fully grown adults to me.  What???  These guys seem like babies now.  I guess I am truly getting "old".  

 And finally, as long as I am bragging all about Abigail...this Summer she wrote on Essay for the Freedom Festival and WON!  It was about Abigail Adams, fittingly.  Here she is practicing her reading of it on the 4th of July.  She would read it later that night at the Freedom Festival.  

All of us taking it in at our 4th of July BBQ.  

Chloe did Abigail's hair all fancy for the Festival.  Joshua said it looked "pioneerish" but he don't know nothin' about girls hair styles.  (PS If you are thinking she was blonde before, you would be right.  After school got out she died it darker.)  Chloe is also pretty amazing I must say, and she rocks it when it comes to hair and make up! When she is a REAL stylist to the stars, we will be begging for her help!  

This is the look Abigail might give me for all this "attention" on my infamous blog about her.  

(Don't worry Abigail, your family and a couple others are the only readers!  But I needed to preserve these awesome memories of you for our posterity.)

This is a picture of a TRUE awesome memory I made with Abigail this Spring.  We had some serious fun in this powder over Spring Break.  

Thanks for the fun times, Abigail!  We love you lots and are grateful for the example you set as the oldest cousin!  

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  1. I'm so glad you posted all of this. Abigail's influence extends beyond her first cousins. . . she is a great example to my girls too!