Thursday, August 7, 2014

DAY 8 School and Summer Vacay

The days are getting shorter and I don't like it one bit.  By 9pm it is dark. It was just a month ago we had sun until after 10!  That just means that school is right around the corner.  I really should not be complaining as I look on social media and see tons of back-to-school pictures already.  We don't go back until after Labor Day, THANK GOODNESS!  Between Scout Camps, family vacations, reunions, and whatnot, you need one month to just relax, swim, and recoup!  (Really it is more like do yard work, catch up on chores, and get ready for school...but I still like it.)

Since school will be here right around the corner, I figure I better quickly recap the end of last year and a few things that I love about school so that I don't get too depressed about it coming up again.

I love the when the kids do special programs at school!  
With all the emphasis nowadays on testing, and mandatory things that teachers MUST do, it seems they don't have time to do things like singing, art, and performances, so it makes me so happy when teachers go above and beyond to give the children these experiences!  Our kids do a Lewis and Clark Program in 4th grade, and they work on it for months.  It was awesome.  That is Michael to the right of the teacher, Mr Hamilton.  His little head is sitting on top of the girl in front of him's hat.  Michael did a great job on his part, and it was fun hearing him practice the songs around the house. He took it very seriously and they sounded awesome.  

One of the last days....where is Luke?  I am not sure.  (Annie-Kindergarten and Michael-4th grade, and Sophie-thank goodness is still home with me!) Luke-3rd grade

I love Field Trips.
The last week of school, our Kindergarten always takes a trip to the zoo. Here is Annie with a few friends and her sweet teacher.   

 Why does it seem like just yesterday that Michael and Luke took their Kindergarten trips to the zoo?  This picture was taken the year I went with Michael's Class...I took Annie and Luke along with me because they were not in school yet.  Look at how little Annie is!  And then look at her above, all grown up and ready to head off to 1st grade. 

Michael is still buddies with these two and I can't believe-
 A. How Small and CUTE they are!  B.  These knuckleheads will be in 5th grade this year. 

 Michael and Annie

Speaking of Annie, she had a program as well...her Kindergarten Performance.  Here she is shyly getting her book from her teacher.  

 It was an awesome year! 

For the first time in forever, Field Day was WARM this year!  It was a tad windy, but we won't be picky!  I was able to go help with Michael's grade.  

I helped run the Hola Hoop Station.  

Looks like Michael is a natural! 

For Luke's grade I helped pass out popcorn and water for their movie.  

Teacher gifts are always a relief to get sent off!  

Loading up for the last time as my little Kindergartener....

Sophie and I joined Annie a little while later for her Field Day. I got to be Snow Cone maker, which I didn't mind a bit since it was not freezing outside!  I love this picture of all the girls!  

Sophie thought she was one of them...

A final sweet moment with Annie's favorite teacher!  

Joshua's last day as a field days, field trips, or snow cones.  
Just a, "see ya later, Mom!"

Last day of 7th grade, teacher gifts in hand.  He was so mad I made him pose for this picture, in front of some other kids.  (SO embarrassing, Mom!)

It would not be the first time I have embarrassed him, this is my usual get up on the way to school.  
Aunt Carol passed on this awesome robe to me when she was sick.  I told her I liked it when we went to see her in Palm Springs. She literally "took the clothes off her back" and let me have it.  She got  it from Gma as a gift.  I think of both of them when I wear it.  
I think my kids just think of hiding in the bushes when I wear it. 

It was a good school year.
 Cheers to one more month of Summer Vacation! 

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  1. Loving all these posts...I will try to keep up. I heard someone else call it "Blogust". And jealous that you don't start school till after Labor Day...that's the way it should be!