Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DAY 9 August Days...

August brought home this camper....

He had been at Scout Camp all week and they had a great time.  They hiked and camped at the base of the Tetons.  The week ended on a great note as they won the Camp's Spirit Stick.  Ryan was able to spend the week up there too and I think everyone had fun.  

Last Wednesday, we all welcomed my brother's family to Idaho from Oklahoma!  I had remembered that when we first moved to Idaho we were greeted with an awesome sign.  We wanted to recreate that for these guys!  

Hi, Michael!  

Not sure what what happening here...
"Uncle Michael, Look at my teeth!"

It was a grand reunion!  

Dad took Annie and Sophie to get a new bike one Saturday.  Annie wanted a bike for her birthday, so now that it was August, we decided we better go get one! (This was from an instagram post about how much more fun girls are to get ready for church than boys.)

Here she comes!  

It is her favorite bike ever, Hello Kitty! 

One morning last week, some friends showed up at the door with a load of everything Barbie you could imagine.  What an awesome surprise! 

The next morning, we had another surprise at our door.  I heard Annie yell from outside, "Mom, there are horses in our yard!"

They didn't like the sprinklers so much. 

One day it's Barbies, the next day horses....not a bad week! 

We have had some crazy beautiful sunsets.  

We have also had some crazy lazy mornings. 

We ended the week with a dinner at Grandma's and it was fun to have the "new" family here for the occasion.  I think it makes us miss having the Garza's even more though since they are the only ones gone. :(  We spent a chunk of the evening recapping our Bear Lake Adventures for Michael and Carly, catching them up on cousin dynamics, and sharing our favorite quotes of the summer, "You a braaaaaat."  (Inside joke for the Garzas)  

My favorite time of the day...the Rosy Hour.  

This duo of cousins is an extra squishy combo.  He is so cute!  

A Perfect Summer Evening...

May the last few weeks of August drag very slowly as we soak up Summer's final rays of sunshine, the sound of crickets at night, trips to the pool, snow cones, movie nights, and long days without strict schedules.  
(And my we not be bothered by the endless snacking in the kitchen, the messier house, and kids 24/7 late into the into the night and early in the morning.)

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