Monday, August 4, 2014

DAY 7 Stuck in Lodi Again...

I am kidding!  In documenting my final pictures from our California trip, it was all our fun times in the song just seemed a fitting title.  

When going back to CA, we always want to go see all our best buds...combine that with trying to maximize family time-we never seem to fit it all in!  Our dear friends offered to come see US this time in Lodi...and that was the perfect idea!  We met up at Lodi Lake one afternoon.  

Cade and Michele came along too, but if I remember right Axel was ready for a nap so I talked them into leaving Presley to play!  The kids sure had fun with her. 

My crew relaxing and waiting for the party to arrive. 

Presley, Sophie, Annie, and James

Sorry, I couldn't choose which angle I liked best.  

Presley buries Sophie in the sand...

Our friends arrived!  Sophie took right to Midiam! 

Luke, Trenton, and Michael...three raskels.

I can't believe this did our little kids get so big? 

For years, these girls were used to being surrounded by all these BOYS!  I think Danielle might have thought she had a whole slew of brothers, and thank goodness for Katie always being the calm in the "storm". 
 (Annie was a baby when we moved and I didn't have Sophie yet.)  

When I got home, I found a surprise photo shoot with Katie and Annie.  Pretty cute!  

I think I have about 50 variations of this...Annie was IN HEAVEN with these girls.  

Girl Time! 
 Marla getting in on the photo action!  We have to document these kids because the next time we get together they will all have grown and look completely different.  Why do they think that is acceptable?  Stop growing already! 

Trenton and Annie on our way out...

Good bye dear friends!  It was so sweet of them to come up to Lodi and we always love being back together!  I truly have been blessed in my life with the BEST FRIENDS!

Next up in Lodi...a Breakfast out on the town with GMA!

The kids LOVE going to IHOP with Nana, Papa, and Grandma.  See that hot chocolate Papa is drinking?  That is my favorite.  

Even Dad was able to sneak away from work for some Waffles with the fam!


We love Bacon, and French Toast, and Pancakes, and Waffles, and PAPA too. 

I can smell Bacon as I look at these pictures.  

We love Nana! 

Happy Memories 

Why do so many of our Lodi Memories and Fun Times revolve around food?  

Between Nana's Cooking, Michele's Baking, and going out to eat....a trip to Lodi is guaranteed to put five pounds on your frame!  

The trip came to an end too quickly.  They kids squeezed in one last game of Candy Land with Presley before we headed off.  

One last picture with Nana and Papa, we LOVE you!  Thanks for EVERYTHING! 

I love Sophie's little giggle in the one above...but liked this one too.  Sorry for the repeat!

Goodbye hugs. 

Michele didn't appreciate the photo op with her sporting her robe, but I think she looks so cute!

Judy doesn't like this pic because we had just woken Gma up to say goodbye and she was still in her pajamas and didn't have any make up or her hair done.  But, you know what?  When you are her age, that's okay!  (Judy, we promise we won't do this to you.)  I think she looks great.  I hope my brain is working anywhere near as well as hers does when I am her age.  Ryan has some pretty awesome genetics on his side.  Both of his grandmothers are alive, and know their great-grandchildren and despite having health challenges over the years, they are SURVIVORS. 

This trip ended a little bit on a sad note just because we knew next time we come to Lodi, Grandma won't be there.  We will miss playing cards with her, sneaking treats, and her bossing all of us around!  This Summer she moved back to Pennsylvania, back to her home.  That is where she was born, raised, and raised her children, and lived the majority of her life.  It has been a blessing to have have her out West and be able to spend so much time with her over the past ten or so years.  We hope she makes many more happy memories with the rest of the family back home.  Maybe one of these days we can make a trip back East and find an IHOP there!  

As usual, it was good to be stuck in Lodi again!  We hope to come back soon! 

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