Saturday, September 6, 2014

4th of July at the River

Idaho Falls has the second largest 4th of July Fireworks in the COUNTRY.  You heard me right....ranked right below Philly.  They last about 30 minutes and every minute looks like a Grand Finale.  It doesn't get dark until after ten at night so we just play cards, people watch, and eat while we are waiting for the party.  The real show really is the people watching part.  

Card playing...

A little football...

These two were sporting their new 4th of July Maxi Skirts.  

I need my family to jump on the photography thing. Whenever I ask someone to take my picture it is blurry, or cuts half of us get the idea.  (A kind lady at the river was the photo taker this time and most were not so great, but hey-we got one!)

This was my favorite picture of the night.  
 Those guys are my sister-in-law Melissa's parents (who are our kind neighbors/friends).  He is in the Stake Presidency and she is in the RS Presidency.  My kids have been known to sneak out and escape to their house.  They make themselves at home, get some yummy food, and think about moving in. 

I love these pictures of Will and Sophie. 

Who would have guessed Will could have taken Sophie down...I remember when the twins were just teeny wheeny coming home from the hospital, maybe four or so pounds and Sophie was a chunky 20 lbs.  What Will may lack in chunk he makes up in spunk, even with a broken collarbone. 



Cousin Lauren and her newest little cousin on the other side.  

And that is a wrap on our 4th of July.   I sure miss it staying light that long!  By the time the fireworks finally start, we have to be packed up because we beeline it to the car so we don't get caught in traffic.  The 4th of July is our Christmas of the Summer, and now it seems we are cruising towards Christmas and it will be here before we know it!

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