Friday, September 5, 2014

Slip and Sliding

Every Fourth of July we go to my Mom's house for a BBQ and she sets up a giant Slip-n-Slide for the kids.  This year we had an extra huge crowd since my brother-in-law's family joined us and also some good friends of my brother's from England.  We had to show him how we do it here in America. :)  

 Holden taking one of the twins down...or I should say it looks like one of the twins is taking Holden down.  :)



Alexis and Emmaline


Holden, Michael, and the Twins


I don't know why...I had a ton of pictures of James.  I think he had a lot of fun!


James again....

Here comes Annie...

I can't tell if Isabelle is happy or in pain.  




Sophie was happy to watch from the side...

Will  (I think!)

Wonder what these girls were chatting about...

Or these girls...

I also wonder why Joshua thinks this is a good face to make when I try and take his picture.  

 I wonder if my mom will be mad at me for posting this cute picture of her sporting Grandpa's Hat.  


I think Chloe took this picture for me....she took a bunch of pretty landscaping pictures around the yard. 

This little guy was all worn out after a fun day in the sun. 

 We really all need a nap on the 4th of is one exhausting holiday in these parts!
This year I decided to skip the parade in the morning.  You have to be up and out the door early, then you come home and party all day at Grandma's...and then it is off to Fireworks at the River that don't start until after 10pm. It is insanely long for the little ones so I decided not to wake most of the kids up for the parade.  BIG MISTAKE, they were not happy when they woke up and realized that we missed it. 
 "That is my favorite thing on the 4th of July!"  
"What?  How could we miss it?" 

 Lots of moaning took place.  Oh, well. I still think the sleep was worth it!

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