Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DAY 100 First Day of School

DAY 100....ya, right!  So much for 100 days of blogging.  Soon after I did my last post about our deliberate Fall Schedule...I found out that no matter how deliberate you are, you can't plan everything!  We found out that we have to vacate the home we have been living in and attempting to buy from the landlord because it is going now into some sort of foreclosure deal....LONG STORY.  But, lets just say things have been topsy turvy for the past week or so around here! Plans often change by the hour, and I still don't have everything worked out (like where we will be living two weeks from today) but I know things will work out soon!

And despite changing our mind about what we were doing with the kids school 50 million times, I did send these three off to the school they attended last year this morning!  I wonder what they are doing right now and if they like their new classrooms and their new teachers.

Last year our first day of school looked like this-man these kids have grown!  Joshua is lucky, he doesn't start until tomorrow. 

 Annie starts FIRST GRADE today.  I think being away all day will be a big adjustment, but just in the past few weeks she has grown up so much...I know she will do great.  

Luke heading off to 4th grade... 

 I just realized how old Michael looks in this picture.  He is my tallest boy and he is now in the FIFTH GRADE.   

Annie had to bust out in a pose one last time, it would not have been right if she hadn't.  She changed her outfit a few times this morning in typical Annie fashion and she was the first one up and ready to go. 

Watching for Aunt Carly doing the pick up today...

What an awesome looking bus driver!  How fun to have Avery join them this year at their school.  Thanks for taking them today, Aunt Carly!  

Have a great day at school today, kids!  Things will be quiet around here today.  

Good bye, lazy summer evenings and sleeping in.  

Now I have about 20 million things to do...I don't know what to do first.  Maybe I should take a nap.

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