Monday, September 22, 2014

Pictures from the iPhone Make me Smile

Since I only have a minute I thought I would catch up on a few misc moments as caught on the iPhone this month.  A lot of them make me laugh as I look back through them.  

This is pretty telling of this month...usually on the first day of school I bake special cookies for when the kids come home.  This year, it was was treats at Maverick.  No time for baking cookies!  

The Elementary Crew got to hang out at the High School while I finished registering Joshua for his Sophomore Classes.  

The days are getting shorter, and as usual, I can't help myself snapping pictures during my favorite time of the day.  

I took Joshua's phone away one day for some minor infraction.  Sophie and I posed and reset all his screen savers to this. "I love my Mom" pictures!  Unfortunately, that feature doesn't have a passcode to lock it...he changed it right away upon getting his phone back.  I don't know why he would not want this as his screen saver. Sheesh, kids these days. 

My favorite tree at our house.  I told Ryan when we move to our new house we need to plant this one right away.  Then I discovered our new house has the same tree!  I had not noticed it before!  Yahoo!

Dear Judy, Thank you so much for giving Ryan Papa's old leather jacket from the 90s.  When paired with Ryan's favorite BYU sweats, it really makes for the perfect work attire for this hard working engineer.   
We all can't help snicker whenever we see Dad hard at work in his leather jacket.  Hey, it keeps him from getting the chills and that's all the matters...or so I have been told. 

Disclaimer:  I stole this off the internet.  My dear friends and I have been passing pregnancy pictures via text back in forth that we find on photography sites and whatnot.  I wonder if my kids will be sad I never got a belly snapshot when I was prego...especially with some teddybears.  Kidding.  These type of photos leave me feeling very confused.  

The flowers at the temple a couple weeks ago were just gorgeous!  I was in a huge hurry and literally snapped these running in my heals.  Still so beautiful!  

Some people can't wait to get home to test out the raspberries.  

We went to the Parade of Homes in Idaho Falls this weekend.  I don't feel super legit posting lot of pics since most you were not even supposed to take pictures.  However, most of these I am just showing because they make me laugh.  And some are really cool so I snuck a few in.  The pictures are all terrible lighting and quality.  

I love this screened in porch.  

We loved this medicine cabinet and I think I love Ryan showcasing it even more. 

This whole house was so classic and traditional...and so beautiful.  What girl would not love that great window seat to read a book on? 

Their theater room was the best theater room I have ever been in.  I wanted to get a picture so Ryan and Michael posed in a warm brotherly embrace. 

The pictures of Carly make me laugh the most.  Since she is due in less than a month...she especially appreciated the reclining chairs and I think she would have been happy to stay there for the remainder of the tour. 

Carly said the seats had warming and cooling features...sweet. 

We thought it was especially cool that they had a little stage up by the screen.  We figured if we were ever so lucky to have such a room, the kids could get up on the stage and perform for us.  Michael demonstrated the possibilities with a little jig. 

And then we found the workout room...aka "Heaven".  Carly said this massage chair was better than getting a real massage.

I really don't think she wanted to leave.  Ryan was trying to check out the brand of chair it if we are going to be getting one any day now. 

A few more beauties from another house...

I will say this...there are a lot of happy little girls in some sweet bedrooms. 

More pictures of Carly, just because I think it is funny to harass people who are 9 months pregnant.  This is her trying to catch up with us fast-non-pregnant people. 

My favorite thing on the tour?  We have ALWAYS wanted to do this in the boys bathroom...and  we are not alone!  Someone else thinks it is a great idea and they actually did it. Nothing more fabulous to me!  

And we wanted to do this same thing...
Locker room/MTC drain in the bathroom, spray the whole thing down.  What is not to like!!!???  With my four boys, I am all over this! It was so fun to see it actually done. 

And I leave you with....a laundry room.  
That is what my laundry room looks like, doesn't yours? 

Yesterday evening, I stopped by Jennifer's to chat with her and Heather while Abigail modeled her Homecoming dress for me.  Sooooooo cute! 

 For some reason on my phone there are several "church" pictures.  Here's Joshua and I during church in Bear Lake.  

Ryan said we were being inappropriate doing our nails in church. 

The next week Ryan snapped this at Stake Conference.  He said it was perfect cause he caught me giving him the "you are being inappropriate look".  I guess we are even.  

And finally, it is never inappropriate to snap 20 million pictures every evening because the sky is just so beautiful.  I am so grateful for beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  What a beautiful world we live in.  And guess what?  Even if you will never live in a home that looks anything like a "Parade of Homes" tour.  Sunsets are FO FREE.  That's right.  Heavenly Father blessed the rich and the poor equally with the sun in the sky and beautiful clouds.  Glad we don't have to pay because they would be worth a million bucks fo sure. 


  1. Love this post but I always love your posts! I need the deets on your new place! I love the spray-down-the-whole-bathroom it! The last little girls bedroom reminds me of Thomas Jeffersons bedroom at Monticello, so cool how the bed is build right into the wall, love it. Sydney and Dave have that massage chair or one that looks a lot like it and I have been known to go over to their house and sit in it for quite awhile:-) So awesome! I had to smile about the raspberries in the grocery cart pic! love it. And of course I love the belly shot...heehee!

  2. When I saw the comments on your Parade of Homes , I thought well no wonder you only saw 2 homes while I saw 6 in the same time period. I never stopped to watch a movie, have a massage, take a nap or raid someone's medicine cabinet. What was a thinking?? Cute pictures. Glad you are gradually working your way to 100.

  3. You make me laugh. Mostly because you remind me of me. I'm pretty hilarious.

  4. I loved this. So funny. I miss you.