Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5th Grade Football Champions

James played football this year for the first time on the Sandcreek South Team.  He had a great experience.  Although he didn't always want to go to practice and missed a few family outings-in the end it was worth the hard work!  He did awesome on defense!  He made several interceptions and would just dive in to make a tackle! He really improved over the season. It was especially fun having a lot of friends on the team.  We were grateful he had such awesome coaches that led them to the championship!

Here he is on Kickoff...

Sophie showing her support in some cozy pajamas in team colors.

It was great to have the Garzas in town for the playoff game.  We were playing Eagle Rock and it was a nail-biter!  We ended up winning by ONE POINT in the LAST SECOND!  Chloe declared it was the best game EVER.  Not only was it exciting, it was chilly!  Here are Heidi and Chloe holding Anne and Sophie.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Holden and Nic...they were their number one fans cheering them all the way.
Here is Grandma and Ryan, and if you look close that is a puppy he has in his jacket!  (Did I say jacket?  I meant Lodi swim parka circa 1992, excuse me.)

I love this picture of the defensive coaches telling the boys to do their thing (or whatever they tell them in those huddles).

After winning against Eagle Rock they were on to the Championship against Madison (Rexberg).  The morning of the game we all met at the school and decorated our cars.  We then caravanned to the stadium with our music pumped up! 

Balloons were released into the sky when they made their first touchdown.

What time is it?  Knight time!

James hurt his knee cap a few games back, and the last tackle he did he had to get it re-wrapped.

The team all went out on the field after the game to get their trophies. Pretty sweet!

James always had lots of family support from his brothers and sisters...

James heads home after the big win with a smile on his face.  What a great first season! 


  1. very impressive! it looks alot better. you have some cute pics. love it. keep on bloggin!

  2. Great pictures! That last one is PRICELESS!!