Sunday, October 16, 2011

Better Late than Never

So I am making a late entrance to the blogging scene. Even though I am just starting my own blog, I am technically not a new comer to the scene. While most people open the newspaper each morning to see what is happening in the world, I check "my blogs". I first cruise over to see how Nienie is doing, then it is over to Cloverlane, I click on my sister's link hoping she might have done a post....and so it goes.

I love my blogs. The people in them feel like friends that I know, okay, maybe like I felt that Oprah was my friend, but still... I feel like I know them. Then my kids ask me why I am reading about strangers and I feel a little bit like a loser. Maybe it is just the stalker in me, but I love reading about their lives, especially if they are inspiring and make me want to be a better mom, wife, sister, friend, or cook! I justify my blog reading by telling others, "Hey, people used to follow other people's "fake" lives on TV through Soaps and such, I am following real lives and they are more interesting and not trashy!" I get decorating ideas, parenting ideas, recipes, tutorials on doing hair, product recommendations, the works!

So now you know why I read other blogs why am I starting my own? I am not an expert in organization, decorating, cooking, romancing, photography, parenting, couponing, politics, physical fitness, style, travel, and all the other areas I look for help in on the internet. I think there are a plethora of Mormon, stay-at-home Moms already on the interent so I probably don't have much new to offer there. I don't really have a free time slot to fill in my life. So why now? The main two reasons are for family near and family far, and by family I also mean friends!

1. Family Near: In the past I have said that I don't need a blog. I can put photos in albums and I have always been a journal keeper so isn't that good enough? Well, to be honest my albums and journaling have gone by the wayside lately and try as I might, I never seem to have the time. I figure a blog will keep me a little more accountable to take time to record ideas, thoughts, and things we are doing day to day. I want my kids to be able to look back and see what our ordinary days consisted of and what some of my thoughts were as their Mother. I want to remember the little things more because I am already realizing that the kids DO grow and I DO forget things. Do I have time? No. (Especially with the "half" in this title. The "half" is our new puppy and is major time suckage at the moment. ) I have to tell myself- in 5, 10, 20 years will I remember that I vacuemed the carpet one more time or how clean my house might have been that afternoon for one hour? No. However, if I take a little time to write, they will be memories I can keep forever.

2. Family Far: I wish we lived closer to all our family on both sides. I love keeping up with what our sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends are all up to. Our Nana and Papa used to be just 30 minutes down the road and we miss our weekly interactions with them. I decided by blogging we can keep them up on what is happening each week even though we are not together.

So there you go! Better late than never, I am starting a blog and here is a cute picture of Sophie to get things started!

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