Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crichlow Reunion in Bear Lake

Okay, I really don't know what I am doing with this blogging. I will have to figure it out when I have more time, but for now all my pictures are in the wrong order. ANYWAY, in September we headed down to Bear Lake for our first Critchlow Reunion in YEARS! It was great to see lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles that we have not seen in forever. Even though we were only able to make it a couple of days we had a great time and the kids loved meeting their "second" cousins.

Here is Tenielle, beautiful as ever!

Uncle Dave and Aunt Terri around the campfire...can you believe these guys have like 20+grandkids!

I loved this picture of Joshua because sometimes it is hard to get him smiling. Who would not be smiling about a yummy marshmallow?

Man, I wish I had a scan of the "original" of this next picture. Years ago the Critchlow family had a reunion in Phoenix and all the cousins spanned the garage, it was one of those legendary moments. We tried to re-create it here with the next generation and it was not easy. The little ones on the end were screaming bloody murder.

Here are the twins...aren't they gorgeous?! (Amy and Delana)

I took a photo of Dave's children and grandchildren...

Here is the gang getting warm. It was actually great weather while we were there. My family goes every year in July so we didn't know what to expect in September. Not only was the weather great, but the whole town clears out! The boys went boating and didn't mind it a bit, even said it was warm. As for me, I don't step in the Lake unless it is HOT outside because that Lake may look like the Caribbean but it can feel like the Artic Ocean. That is Uncle Jim there in the back who came all the way from PENNSYLVANIA with Aunt Sandy!

Uncle Dave was great and gave everyone rides on the Razors. My kids came home with dreams of buying one! I love this picture with him and Gma, I think he took her on a wild ride in the hills. You know how Flo loves to be a wild woman. We were glad she got her pep up to make the big trek to Utah. She needed to be there since she is the one responsible for the whole group!

All the cousins crammed into the back of the truck to go boating with "Uncle B". You can see my boys surrounded by all those girls. I don't think they minded. (I can just hear them now, "MOM! They are COUSINS, sheesh..." )

Each night ended with a relaxing swim in the hottub. Thanks Nana and Papa for the great trip! We loved it!

Okay, and since we are out of order here. The first night down was Michael's Birthday. The big EIGHT! I can't believe it. Here is the crew with Nana and the cake we whipped together for him. (No those are not candles, they are glow sticks, we had to improvise!)

We hope to have another reunion soon and not let another 15 years go by! We missed everyone that could not come, so we will definately have to do it again!


  1. Yay!! We are excited that you have a blog!! Wish we could have been at the reunion!!

  2. Talmage goes to a preschool here that is owned by some Critchlows...I wonder if they are related?