Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gross me out!

I have always loved Fall.  I remember being excited when I was little to come home from school and the halloween decorations were out.  We had this glass witch that my mom had made with crazy shaggy orange hair and a little hat on top. My mom would fill it with candy corns.  Do you still have that mom?  When Joshua and James were little I had decorated our whole house and was so proud of how "cute" it looked. I thought my boys would appreciate the cute Halloween decor like I had when I was little. One day Joshua broke the news to me though, "Mom, when are we going to get some REAL Halloween decorations...I wish you would decorate like so-and-so."  WHAT?!  "So-and-so" decorates with nasty, gory, bloody, dark, plastic know what I am talking about.  A mask with blood dripping everywhere, a plastic door cover with some gory scene covering the door, and every gross decoration you can find at your local Halloween store.  That is what my boys wanted! 

Those type of decorations have always sicked me out.  Seriously, like make-me-lose-my-appetite-sick-me-out. (And not much makes me lose my appetite!)  Whenever I would go through a haunted house it would make me sick.  Even worse are the commercials at Halloween!  You don't even get any warning.  You could be watching some family-friendly show and then BAM...some sicko Halloween movie being advertised.

My Aunt Kathy hosted her family for a Halloween party last year and they all brought a Halloween treat to share.  It made for a GREAT blog post, but I have to say if I had attended I would not have been tempted to overeat one bit!  All those "Halloween" treats gross me out.  The only Halloween treats I like are things like cute little pumpkin sugar cookies.   Anything that is made to look like "blood" or any body part-forget about it. 

Here is some "happy" Halloween decor from last year...

 My kind of scary from over at 320 Sycamore...

Now brace yourselves for the next pictures if you have not had breakfast yet...we have nice "meat head" made with your favorite deli meat for a party, complete with olives for eyeballs. WHO WOULD EVEN TOUCH IT?

 We have some "bloody" fingers here...nasty.

 Here they teach you how to make earwax out of butterscotch and marshmallows.  I don't get it!  WHY? I think I will stick to my appleslices and caramel, thank you very much!

Hey, since I have trouble sticking to any diet...maybe I could have some success with this.  The gross-me-out-gory-Halloween-decorations diet.  I could decorate my whole house and then I would never be tempted to snack. Even better, my boys would LOVE it!  Hope you all are having a "cute" Halloween out there!


  1. My kids LOVE putting up the Halloween decorations. You should go over to Sam and Kacies during Halloween, she has some really cool Halloween decorations.

  2. Well thank goodness you're doing a blog so that I know what's going on over there. And you now have like as many posts as me. hee, hee. Love all the pictures and love you.

  3. Amen sista! I went to the costume shop yesterday and was completely disgusted my A) the lack of any costume that was not sick and gory or as slutty as they come and B) the sick decorations they were selling. They had a whole display of these possessed little Chuckie babies doing terrible things that were like $100 each. Who in the right mind wants to celebrate like that????????????