Friday, October 28, 2011


The past three weeks someone in the family has been sick. It started out with Sophie.  I pretty much just hold her 24/7.  She no longer has a fever and ear infection, but somehow she has not gotten the memo and she cries if I set her down even for a second.

 Next it was Joshua, if you ever see Joshua laying down after school taking a know something is wrong.

Anne was next, I discovered her taking a snooze up in my room. 

Then last Friday the school called, I was not home so Grandma went and picked up Luke...big surprise, he had a fever too.  He missed the Primary Program.

By Sunday night, Michael was hot with a fever.  He missed the next few days of school. Lots of Cartoons and sleeping on the couch. (Not a great picture, but didn't want to miss him too!)

James was the only one that did not get sick.  I told him that all those hard workouts playing football must have boost his immune system.  We are grateful that there was no throwing up involved and lots of sleeping!  I was a little achy and sick a couple days but it was not too bad. I am just glad it was not over the holidays too, that is never fun. Let's cross our fingers this is the end for us!

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  1. One sick kid is hard, so I can't imagine 5 sick kids.
    Love Sophie's flower!!