Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleeping babies

I love a sleeping baby.  Sophie looks so sweet.  I love her red lips, long lashes, and how her hair gets all sweaty and curls.
When I found out I was having my first girl after four boys I spent days looking for JUST the right crib set. 

It still looks pretty new after almost four years, huh?  Oh, that's right, my babies almost never sleep in it. 

Here is Annie's bed...she actually does sleep in it now.  But this is often how I find it in the morning...where's Annie?

Oh, that's right, there she is.  This is Annie and Sophie in our KING size bed.  How do two LITTLE girls manage to take up the entire bed?

Good thing I think they are so cute when they are sleeping!

When Annie starts waking up she moves closer to Sophie.

I woke her up with my photo shoot.  But, hey, it is a good day...she has a smile!

 Luckily I was right there so I could swoop Annie away before she woke up Sophie. 

Every time I have a baby I swear I am going to get my babies to sleep on their own- in the crib and on a schedule!  I even read all those "getting your baby to sleep" books.  I hear lots of testimonials from other parents.  I go to the pediatrician and they tell me my baby needs to be sleeping on their own in their crib. I know that you are NOT supposed to nurse your baby to sleep.  I end up nursing them all to sleep.  After six kids, I am just accepting that the whole crib thing just doesn't work for me.  I know it is my choice, and so I can't really complain about lack of sleep.  I rock all my kids to sleep every time, until they quit taking naps.  They all sleep in bed with me.  When they are really tiny, and fresh from the hospital (which is about 9 lbs for my babies) I don't keep them next to me all night, just since they are so tiny.  But after about two weeks, they pretty much sleep with me.  I used to feel guilty about it and wouldn't even tell some people.  Now, I don't really care.  People told me on my first few babies, "oh, when you get more you won't do that anymore because you can't."  What I can't do is put my babies in the crib and let them cry.  Now, don't get me wrong...all of them have slept in the crib SOMETIMES.  James and Michael slept in their crib completely after about 8 months.  The others, not so much.  All have at least taken some naps in the crib.  All of my kids eventually move to a bed and do just fine.  They all still love to cuddle and lay with us  though and I love that!  (Even my 13 year old!)  You gotta do what you gotta do.

Good night, and sleep tight.  (Sleeping tight...that's how we role, since our bed is so full.)


  1. I do it EXACTLY the way you do it...and have read every book, and have felt guilty about it, and my husband says with every baby-why are you even setting up a crib? It's true...I love rocking, I nurse to sleep, I can't take a tiny bit of crying before I begin sweating bullets. I am expecting my sixth...and I've accepted too...this is just what works for me, and I'm certainly not going to rush this last....out of my arms. Love the precious.

  2. Griffin is almost 3 and still right smack in the middle of us. :)
    I could NEVER let a child cry to sleep. Breaks my heart.. you have such a sweet family!