Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinewood Derby and Leprechauns

I think either Ryan or I have been serving in some manner in the Scouting program for as long as I can remember.  We have four boys, which means four scouts, which makes out to TWELVE Pinewood Derby cars over the years.  So, I know that I am not supposed to think this....but I strongly DISLIKE Pinewood Derby time.  The whole making cars things is one big stress everytime.  We are not really crafty in the car-building department. We have some pretty funny stories over the years...but usually one thing you can count on is that Dad will be pulling some really late nights leading up to the event.

The actual night of the Pinewood Derby is a lot of fun and I guess maybe it is worth all the hassel!  This year our Cubscout leaders did an awesome job putting together the whole event. 

Derby Desserts

Yummy popcorn for the spectators

James and his sleek black car. 

Michael's first Pinewood Derby!  He also wanted his car to be black, but he couldn't put on the decals he wanted because it would have put him over the weight limit.

I love how intense the boys are as they watch their cars for the first time to see how they do. 

James was pretty happy...this was his last year of doing the Pinewood Derby and he placed first on most of his races.  In the end he got 3rd overall-Yay!

Well, one more Pinewood derby down, FIVE more to go! 

A few days later the boys spent all afternoon making a Leprechaun Trap for St Patricks Day.  They left it out the night before. 

Unfortunately, that Leprechaun was too tricky and they could not catch him!

He just used the bathroom and made a mess!

Lucky for us, he did leave some treats...Lucky Charms for breakfast and some bags of "Gold" sprinkled with rainbow pieces.  

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  1. Very cool. I hope a leprechaun leaves us Lucky Charms next year!