Friday, March 23, 2012


Yellow has always been my favorite color.  When I was growing up my room was yellow for years.  I thought it was such a beautiful color for as long as I can remember.   I remember telling my friends in the 80's, "It is perfect because it matches with your pastels OR bright colors."  What could be better? 

If I had done the whole bridesmaid thing for my wedding...yellow would have definately been my wedding color.  (As my Mom had at her wedding, should have found a picture!)

In the late 90's this book really made the rounds.  Do you remember it?  In college we would all take the "color test" and we would refer to everyone by their color.  (I don't think they recommend "labeling" people by colors after reading the book again.)

Most people are a mix of colors.  I was always pretty much straight up YELLOW.  (Ryan was also heavily yellow, so together we are a bit of a nightmare, but we have a lot of fun!)  I think as I have gotten older I have become more organized, more committed, and a little less happy and fun all the time.  However, I probably am still pretty YELLOW. 

(Wait, what was that about "failing to develop the depth necessary to contribute substantially to society"?  I beg to defer.  The part about failing every diet they ever start....guilty.)

Anyway, I have been adding lots of yellow around the house because it makes me feel happy.  (And if you remember from my observations in the 80's, yellow matches everything!)

One of my favorite songs is even, Yellow, by Coldplay. 

What is your favorite color?  Hope you are having a yellow sort of a day!

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