Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love was in the air...

What?! It is almost Easter!  Where does the time go?  There was lots of love in the air this Valentines.  I love Valentines Day.  It breaks up dreary winter month of February. I love any excuse for a holiday!  Decorating, treats, love in the air, what is not to like? 

Here are Annie and Sophie posing for their "Annual" Valentines Day pictures.  (Since Sophie is only one, this is only our second one, but I think it is a good tradition.)

Michael and Luke really got into making holiday crafts this year.  These sun catchers were made at Grandma's house.

More treats and decorations...


After a little encouragement, my Dad decided to host us all for his annual Valentines Day Dinner.  Since they were on a mission, the dinner has been on hold for a few years.  We were glad he decided to keep the tradition alive.

Annie was very excited to go to the party!

My Dad cooked us a delicious steak dinner, complete with salad, potatoes, and yummy shrimp.  My Mom actually does a lot of the work in the decorating department. Each person had their own plate with a card that people could sign telling what they love about that person.

With such a big crowd we need three tables...

Beautiful sunset that night...

A highlight of the evening is when Grandpa passes out the roses.  He gives each girl in the family their own rose.  ("Do you accept this rose?"  "Yes, I would love to."--just kidding, no one pretends it is The Bachelor, just me.) The boys don't get roses, but each person comes up and everyone says nice things about them. 

Thanks, Grandpa!  We love you!

Even William is feeling the love, giving Sophie a little hug.

My favorite thing is getting sweet Valentines from the kids.  Luke made this almost life-size picture of me to hang on my wall.  Thanks, Luke!
Love those sweet messages all around the house...

Mostly I am thankful for my #1 Valentine, Ryan! (Every picture of him has Sophie in it)

Even though it is almost Easter, hope you are feeling some love in your life today!  

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