Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Boys go to Disneyland

A week ago Joshua and James returned from a two week trip to California, spent with Nana and Papa.  The highlight of the trip was, of course, Disneyland!  Aunt Krista was able to come up from Carlsbad and party it up with them in the Magical Kingdom.  I was so happy they took pictures so I could see everything! 

Nana, James, Krista, and Joshua...this was the first day there.  

They would wake up each morning so they could enter the park early, and they would stay until around 10 at night....WOW!  That is some seriously long days.  

I love this picture! I think it is one of my favorites.  The boys tell me that Papa would cruise around and get them fast passes on his scooter!  

Another cute one... much love!  This was the last night there.  

I love this pictures Krista took from the photos they snap of you on the rides....pretty funny!

Here is Krista-

More pictures on on dudes.

Thanks, Aunt are the best.  

Sorry, I can't help myself...just love all these roller coaster pictures with they boys pretending they are at an 80's rock concert.

This picture was taken right after the boys got home.  All the kids were so excited to see each other.  The younger kids were thrilled with their Disney Hats.  Sophie is not looking too thrilled here.  I think she just needed a nap, so much excitement in one day! (I wish those first few hours of reunification could have lasted a little longer.  :)  The bliss of no fighting and lots of love quickly went away, but it was still nice to know they actually missed each other!)

Thanks for the memories Nana, Papa, and Krista!  This will be a trip they will not forget!  We love you and miss you lots!

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