Sunday, June 24, 2012

She is four now.

Anne's Birthday is three days from James.  Their birthday's kick off birthday central around here!  We had a great weekend celebrating.  As usual here is a recap of the last year...with a few of my favorites from her four years on earth. many to choose from!

I love this picture just because it just captures how it felt having a little girl join our family of boys.  Can I first just say I am so happy I had FOUR boys. I feel so blessed!  But I will never forget the day I went to have my ultrasound with Anne and they told me it was a little girl in my tummy. I was in SHOCK.  A side note-the room I had the ultrasound in was pink.  I can't tell you how much joy and fun she has brought to our family.  I still sometimes pinch myself because I can't believe I am so lucky.

Such a chubby little thing with a big curl on top of her head.  

These next three are still some of my favorites.  Her first time checking herself out in the mirror with a bathing suit.  I hope she finds it just as thrilling later on in life.  

Annie makes this face sometimes and it is so funny but impossible to catch on camera.  I caught this one time by accident.

Her 2nd Birthday, seems like yesterday....seriously.

"Look, Mom!  I found a stink-bug in the garage!"

Love this picture of her with Ryan and beautiful Bear Lake in the background.  Each time we had a baby Ryan said he didn't care what we had.  He always said he would be pleased as punch with all boys. (I don't think he used those words.) I know he would have.  However, he definitely has a soft spot in his heart for his girls.  That is for sure.

I still remember the day I took this picture. I decided I would let Annie pick out as many bows as she wanted to wear, the style, and what clothes to put on.  This was what she came up with.  Not much has changed!

Now onto this past year....
 3 years old.
I LOVE this age.  Can't we freeze them at this age?  STOP growing! 

 Christmas 2011- 

This is Annie all the way-


Easter 2012

She really loves animals and is a natural with the dogs. 

Onto the actual big day-
The party started off that morning...we had powdered donuts, berries, and milk...her request!

The boys brought some peaches back from California and she wanted those too once she saw them.  (Thank you, Nana!  They were delicious!)

Love Sophie in this one...

The crew...

We headed over to the pool to celebrate...Annie had a ball!  She was so excited to wear her new swimming suit she got from Grandma.

The pink polka dot swimming suit matched her polka dot Mini Mouse hat Nana got her in Disneyland.  The stars were aligning.

Opening gifts...

Modeling suit #2 from Grandma.

We didn't do cake and ice cream on her actual birthday.  We did it on Sunday with all the cousins. You know what is sad about turning four?  Kids learn the fake smile...."cheeeeese."  "Come on, Annie, look at mom at least!"

 Here she is with her requested Rainbow Cake (White Cake colored with food coloring) and Rainbow Chip frosting.  It looked a bit of a mess, but tasted delish!   The Bogren family converted me to the love of the good old Rainbow Chip Betty Crocker frosting from a tub...yum.

 When Annie was a baby I took her to a wedding reception with me. (I took her everywhere with me.)  I starting chatting with the hostess.  She also had all boys and one girl.  Her "baby" girl was now in High School.  I often think back to what she said to me..."You can't imagine it, but it gets better.  It only gets better as she gets older."  I didn't know if I could believe her. I thought life was pretty darn good with a baby girl.  I loved hearing that though!  Whenever I am feeling sad that a stage of her life has passed, I remember what that sweet lady told me...that it only gets better!  I will enjoy it all, every minute!  Cheers to being four!

I love you, Anne Elizabeth!  Happy Birthday!

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