Wednesday, June 20, 2012

James is Eleven!

Happy Birthday, James!

I think this is the FIRST birthday I have not been with James for his birthday.  He is still in California, so I am sending lots of love his way!  He does have Dad, Joshua, Nana and Papa to celebrate with.  I wanted to do a "year in review" but I don't have the first half of his tenth year on this computer.  :( Instead I am throwing in some of my favorite of James through the years. 

My favorite picture of James...his big blue eyes.  Such a cute little baby!

Another favorite.

This was taken in Carmel on his second birthday.

I love his face in this picture of him with his Aunt Melanie.

3rd Birthday

James...doing what he does best, flying high and having fun!

4th Birthday

9th Birthday...I could do a whole post on pictures with just these two.  (Cousin Nic)

Okay, now for some pictures from his tenth year on the planet....
Lots of fun swimming with his brothers. 

I love this picture of him and Sophie.

He spent a lot of time playing football this year. 

Another favorite...


 Thanksgiving in Arizona...with Nic again.

Hoover Dam

Veteran's Day Program at school.

I think that this might have been last year...oops.

New Year's celebration with guess who?  That's right, Nic.

Pinewood Derby

Lots of fun skiing this year...mostly with Grandpa. You really improved!

Skipping school to go to the Romney Rally!

Looking so handsome on Easter

Palm Springs with cousin Pierson...

He is good at entertaining himself while running errands with Mom.

Doing flips at Grandma's birthday party.  This year we got a new trampoline for Christmas from Nana and Papa.  James loves to jump on the trampoline!  He is a natural at doing flips and just learned to do a backflip on the ground.

What a way to end his tenth Disneyland!  Thanks Nana and Papa!

What a year it has been!  Happy 11th Birthday, James.  I love you soooooo much.  I have never been away from you for this long (going on a week and a half) and I miss you so much!  You add so much to our family and it is not the same without you.  I hope this next year brings many more fun memories. Have a wonderful day!  XOXO

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