Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Saturday while throwing a load of laundry in, I looked at the window and saw a black car parked in my driveway, but no one was in it.  I said, "WHO is parked at my house and where are they?"  I peeked out the front door and low and behold it was PAPA!  He had driven a rental car up from California and on his way to Canada to visit his mummy to help her move.  He was just in time for breakfast, having driven all night! We were under strict orders from Nana to send him right to bed, but being the good grandfather that is, he went to James' football game first.

After taking a nap that afternoon he joined us in our Spring Clean Out of the Garage.  He fixed bikes, pumped up flat balls, and helped move things.  It was great to have him around!  We even made a quick trip to one of Idaho's true treasures-the snow cone shack!  And just as soon as he had arrived, it was time for him to leave.  We drove him out to the freeway to meet up with his brother Doug and off they went to Canada for another all night drive!

Saying goodbye with Luke.

While on the subject of Papa...the kids sure had fun with him over Spring Break.  I didn't have these pictures when I did my Spring Break recap.   

One day that week Papa loaded all four boys up in the truck and headed for the hills...literally.  It was a wet day and papa let them drive with the windows down as they flew through mud puddles.  

If this is what their faces looked like, I wonder what his car looked like!

As usual with Papa, SAFETY FIRST!  No seat belts required for this adventure. Joshua is sizing up the next mud puddle. 

Papa took them to one of his favorite diners up in the hills.  The kids were able to order whatever they could eat.  

Looks like each boy even got their own drink!
 I am sure that will be a memory the boys will not forget!  

Later that week we all headed to Palm Springs for Aunt Carols memorial service.  Joshua, James, and their little cousin Presley all drove down with Nana and Papa.  They stopped in Carlsbad for a mini visit to pick up Aunt Krista and visit with Uncle Gary.  This was taken right across from their house....yes they live RIGHT by the beach.  Pretty sweet. 

Hanging out in front of their home. 

Thanks for the fun times, Papa!  We love you!  Looking forward to seeing you back here this weekend!

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