Monday, June 18, 2012

What a week!

First of all...these two boys have gone just over one week now.  They are down in California living it up with their Aunt Krista, Nana, and Papa.  It seems like they have been gone sooooo long!  I miss them so much.  Here are some pictures Nana has sent from Disneyland.  They are having the time of their life! 

We celebrated little Isabelle's 6th Birthday.  Happy Birthday, Isabelle!  We love you!

That night my cousin Rebecca came to visit me for one night.  It was so great to see her. We NEVER lack in things to talk about.  We chatted until 3 AM!  You may say we are crazy, but had we not been talking at 3 AM we would not have heard a major pipe bust outside our window.  Two rooms in the basement flooded, but had we not acted would have been the ENTIRE basement.  What a nightmare.  Fifteen minutes into the nightmare a house pipe broke.  We went without water for two days.  The plumber had a wedding that weekend, and said if we wanted him to come ASAP we had to have the pipe exposed.  So, Ryan to the rescue...

Can I just say that it was a total miracle Ryan was even home?  He was totally supposed to be in California and I had begged him to stay.  Serious blessing.  He saved the day by running around at three in the morning turning off the water to the house, and also digging all day so we could have water back on by Sunday.  Serious blessing my cousin was there and we stayed up talking, serious blessing Ryan was home. 

You can't tell how huge this dirt pile is, but this is what our nice yard looked like that night after all that digging. 

Did you know my husband is 6'3''?  He is standing in this hole.  He is pretty much the bomb digity and what a great Father's Day weekend for him.  :)

Speaking of Father's....this one is pretty special too.  Here he is on Father's Day talking to his grandkids in Arizona via iPhone.  Isn't technology amazing!?

While we were working on the flood issues, our kids were running wild and free through the neighborhood.  They had a lemonade stand.  We don't have a lot of traffic on our street.  They decided they might have better luck going door to door.  These three went house to house and one of them just might have told someone it was all for "Cancer Research"! 

Even if it was not for cancer research, how can anyone refuse a fresh drink from a cute face like this?

Or this?

Ryan appreciated the drinks!

Here is a final look at one of the rooms in the basement...carpet all torn out.

Ryan showcasing the newly fixed pipe.  Thanks Ryan, you are the best.  Seriously.

And finally, I had to include this picture of Sophie sleeping in her CRIB, just so I remember that it happened. 

I am hoping this week is a little less eventful.  Boring is good.

Happy Late Father's Day to the wonderful Father's in our life....I love you all.

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