Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Dark Cave

Every few years we venture around the lake, and up a beautiful canyon to MINNETONKA Cave.  It is fun.  Sometimes the thought of going into the dark cave gives me the creeps.  But, when I put my unreasonable fears aside, it is fascinating.  I can't believe this cave was not discovered until 1907!  Amazing.  You would have to be pretty brave to go in the cave without electricity and not knowing what was in there.  Anyway, it was a fun outing.  

The cave always stays around 40F.  We forgot Ryan's jacket so he borrowed one from our friend's the Burrs.  I think this picture is so hilarious...obviously the jacket did not quite fit!

Here is everyone listening to our REAL tour guide. I should have taken a picture of her.  She was so cute.  (Think a brunette Taylor Swift.) 

Some of the kids and Aunt Heidi

James, Holden, and Joshua

The cave was a bit of a workout.  There is something like 800 plus steps.  You are walking up and down the whole time and these little cuties made it a little more strenuous.

Uncle Travis, Ryan, and Annie

Eliza fell asleep so David really got a workout.  Don't feel bad for him, he is in much better shape than we are!

It was hard to get good pictures inside the cave, but this is part of the ceiling.  

This is actually a good picture of this part.  Those three large formations are called the "Three Sisters."  (It is Jennifer, Heidi, and I)  See the one sister is waving at you  in the middle.  (The three sisters are the large, light colored ones in the middle of photo.)

Michael, Aunt Jennifer, Abigail, and Luke resting after the tour. 

It was a beautiful day and the sun felt good after emerging from the cold, dark cave.

There is beauty everywhere you turn!

Tomorrow I will wrap up our week at Bear Lake!

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