Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My cousin's wedding....

The same weekend we went and saw President Monson's Birthday Celebration I talked about here, we also went to my cousin Andrea's wedding.  It great to be able to see her get married, and also to see many members of family on my Mom's side.  It is kind of crazy because I remember her parents wedding.  I even remember their cake.  I am telling you, smells and taste bring any memory back to me!  I also remember going to visit my Aunt and Uncle when Andrea was a brand new baby.  I wish I could find the picture I have of me holding her!  I felt so old at the time.  Believe it or not, all these years later I feel so young!

These two cute girl are my cousin Emily's daughters, Lucy and Rachel.  Annie fell in love with them that weekend.  They babysat both Annie and Sophie for me the night before.  

Not only are they good little babysitters...they are pretty good photographers!  I stole this photo that one of them took outside the temple of the happy couple with her sisters.  I love it! (This is the only one right outside the temple that I have...I had to run to our hotel to get the kids right after the ceremony.)  

Speaking of the ceremony....the man that married them did such a great job.  I loved hearing his advice to the couple.  It is always a good reminder for my own marriage.  He admonished them to pray together every single morning and night.  He also told them to read their scriptures as a couple.  Man that is a hard one for us!  It seems we are thinking we are doing pretty darn good if we manage to read with the kids, not to mention personal study.  I think it would be great if we could figure out how to incorporate couple study in the mix too.  

Our kids are sure easier to get to smile for pictures than they were when the boys were all little.   Now, if only we didn't have the big old sunspot in the picture.  

My girls...

The girls really love their brothers!  This week has been an adjustment for Annie with all of the boys in school.  She is finding there are some perks that she enjoys, but about an hour before they return home, she is counting down the minutes!  

Joshua and Annie

James and Sophie

Joshua and Annie (again!)

These two are growing up...that's for sure. 

These two...not so much.  Just kidding.  This is Luke with my cousin Emily's son Adam.  They really hit it off and had maybe a little too much fun together. 

Joshua and cousin, Sadie

Cake cutting...

The Milligan ladies chatting it up...(wonder what they were discussing?)

The girls were so happy to have some of the wedding flowers! Easy to please I tell ya!

Cousin Paul and Aunt (or really Great Cousin?  I call her my Aunt) Marcia.  This was out in the parking lot.  Somehow Ryan and I always manage to be the one of the last ones to leave pretty much any event.  I guess we just like to chat. 

It was a lovely day and we are so happy for Andrea and her sweet husband Nathaniel.


  1. Thanks for the cute pictures of my kids (I am going to steal them) and for the link. But I just had to change the settings on my blog to private today, so it won't work. Blah. I hate private blogs. But we've got some baby mama drama going on so private it is.

    Sorry about that sunspot on your family picture. . . I didn't realize the sun was poking through and thought it was going to be a good one. Bring Annie to come play anytime!

  2. Sadies outfit is sooo cute if i was her size i would steal it especially the shoes!!:)