Sunday, October 21, 2012

Civic Duty

I volunteered to make phone calls to battleground states a few weeks ago.  I finally got called in to make the calls on Thursday.  I thought I was making them on behalf of the Romney campaign.  I  think I guilted my Mom into coming...ensuring her that every call is important and it was her civic duty.  When we arrived they tried to tell us we were really making calls for a "non-partisan" group....what?!  Don't believe it for a bit.  I also think my Mom was completely right, EVERYONE hates someone calling them.  We had to mark if people thought that Obama had helped or hurt the economy.  I think we were secretly finding the undecided voters.  I think it was not a secret that everyone we called hated our guts. That night the "non-partisan" group had decided to pay people $10 an hour to help in the effort so the place was packed with college students and I FELT like a college student.  In college I can count AT LEAST five jobs I did in booths like these, with similar headphones.  

This picture was my favorite.  My Mom was laughing because I was trying to be sly while taking this picture.  Some lady told us that pictures were forbidden on the floor.  (They must have been worried about my blog since it is so famous.)  I am pretty much an undercover political journalist. 

I hate this picture...

We were talking to people in Colorado.  My mom said she had WAY more calls that were Obama supporters.  I told her it was because Democrats are nicer people and would take the call.  Republicans are too busy and have lots to do, so they probably were the people that hung up on her.  (Totally true in my house!)  And so much for the "war on women"....all my calls to women were Romney supporters, and the men were almost all for Obama.  (I know, totally scientific polling.)   Anyway, it was an "experience" for sure and brought back so many memories of jobs in college.  I think if I had to take a job doing outgoing calls again I just might cry.

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