Thursday, October 4, 2012

Party Time

I never posted about Michael's actual birthday celebration.  I must say he had a pretty sweet birthday.  I don't even have pictures of everything he did.  Sometimes I feel like I need to document it in case these kids try to claim they never get anything...I can pull up these pictures for PROOF!  (Ok, that sounds a little crazy, but today was one of those days that I heard a lot of, "You guys are so mean!  You make me work so much!, poor me, blah, blah blah.  The kids are out of school for a couple of days and some how the few jobs I gave them seemed to RUIN their life!)  

On Michael's actual birthday we had donuts for breakfast, he brought treats to school, and then we had Trout for dinner.  That night I took him on a little date to Target and we stopped by Sonic for treats.  It was fun to spend that one on one with him!  

 The next morning we had his birthday party at the zoo.  It was a perfect morning for a party! Some of these guys were a handful, but I think they all had fun!  The zoo was perfect for a birthday party.  

We did a scavenger hunt around the zoo, played some games, and had a special visit from a giant penguin. 

Michael has never liked cake and isn't even a big ice-cream fan.  A few weeks before his birthday he went to a party and they served cake from Sam's club.  He told me that he decided he liked was the BEST cake he had ever tasted.  Thanks a lot buddy, glad you like those store bought cakes and not the HOMEMADE ones.  I don't get it, but I got him one from Sam's Club to celebrate the big day because what is a birthday without a cake! 

The zoo also came by with an animal to share with the kids.  

It was a great couple days and Michael milked the "but it's my birthday" for at least a week!  

Friday I hosted a surprise birthday luncheon for my sister.  I don't know how well we pulled off the surprise, but we had some great food and it was fun to visit with all her friends.  

Jennifer's wonderful neighbor and friend, Heather, made these cupcakes and I think I just might have to post the recipe.  They were so good and looked so professional!  They were perfect. Everyone helped with the food.  

Chicken Salad Crossants
Chips and Salsa (From her favorite restaurant)
Fruit Salad
Southwest Chicken Salad
Strawberry Limeade
The most delicious pumpkin cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese frosting

Heather holding another friend's baby. 

The twins were looking so cute at the party!  They are so curious and enjoy exploring everything.  

The ladies...

I asked my mom to bring a few framed pictures of Jennifer to put around the house and she brought all these.  It was awesome!  (I don't know if Jennifer appreciated this part of the luncheon...some of the pictures were not her favorites.)  It was fun for everyone to see her through the years though! 

My favorite.   

Annie was bummed she missed most of the party. She was at Preschool.  She was mostly devastated that she missed the cupcakes.  (That is why I need that recipe!)

And that's a wrap for the birthday parties.  

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