Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some stores are more fun than others...

While in Utah we hit a Monster Truck Jam and my kids were able to ride around in front of a stadium filled with thousands of screaming fans...

I am sure you can tell by the pictures, I am only kidding!  My mom suggested going by Scheels in South Salt Lake with the kids.  It is a sports/hunting/everything-in-the-world-store with lots of fun things for the kids.  Sure beats going to Walmart with Mom. 

Even though this is a little out of focus, I love how excited Annie was!

This full-size Ferris Wheel is smack dab in the middle of the store.

Thank goodness they had fun carts to keep Sophie occupied since we didn't bring a stroller.

Even the too-cool-for-school crowd liked it.  In fact, they REALLY liked it.  They found things they just HAD to have around every corner.  

My favorite part was the fudge.  I know, you are shocked.  Whenever I go to a place that sells fudge like that, it reminds me of my college days working at the "Candy Counter" in the BYU Bookstore.  It was my job to put the fudge out each morning and clean the fudge dishes.  Sometimes I even got to have a "taste".  My favorites?  Chocolate Caramel, and Pralines and Cream.  We got a whole box of the stuff (same kind of fudge as what they sell at BYU) and it was gone by the next morning.  I found James eating it for breakfast.  We are healthy like that. 

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