Monday, October 29, 2012

Another busy soccer season...

I have to say I am a little glad that soccer season is over!  With three boys on three different teams, and Ryan coaching one team it seemed a little crazy.  I know lots of families that seem to have every kid in about three activities-not the life for me!  Scouts is a must around here, and I try to make them pick and choose a few sports a year.  However, here we go has already picked up and swimming is about to start.  Even though I had planned on a little break from team sports when soccer ended,  I figure we might as well do them all now BEFORE Christmas.  I want to leave our schedule AFTER Christmas wide open since the kids are getting season ski passes for Christmas.
These pictures were all taken earlier this month at the boys last games and it already seems a lifetime ago.   The weather has changed from summer/fall to fall/winter.  Burrrrr.....

Luke's Team-
The bad news is that they lost every game.  
The good news?  By far, he was the best player. 
I think he was the only one on the team with some experience, and it seemed most of the kids were younger too.  
More good news?  Luke didn't seem to mind.  

Had to squeeze in a picture of Sophie.  I don't know why she was all dolled up in this dress-up outfit for the game, but she was. 

Michael's Team-
Ryan coached the team this year.  It was really fun because we knew a lot of the kids on the team.  They played great together and had a good season.  When they did lose, it was always close. 

Here Michael is with one of the twins on our circle...I can't tell which one.  (Carter, is that you?)

All these kids are in our ward.  

Had to throw in this picture because of the hot coach in the background.  (He would never let me take a "real" picture of him!)

He spotted me out!

Father and son...

James Team-
James loved playing soccer this year!  Even though he was on a championship football team last year, he decided on his own that it was just not what he wanted to do.  He had a great soccer team and they won most of their games.  It was also a bonus to have about six other boys from our ward on the team!

I couldn't go to the last game so Ryan had to be on camera duty.  He did a pretty good job! This is James and friend Logan, not an action shot, but I just like it. 

Ryan told me that James scored twice in this last game.  He is so much fun to watch play! 

That wraps up Fall Soccer.  We also have Spring Soccer here, but it really should be called Winter-Freeze-your-butt-off Soccer.  Seriously.

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