Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference Weekend

It has been a great weekend.  Of course, General Conference was inspiring and the new age for missionaries is exciting. (The age for young men was lowered to 18, and for young women to 19).   I had a "human" reaction at first of, "No fair, I wish the age would have been 19 for me!"  I saw a few others "lamenting" the same thing on Facebook.  Then I thought of all my friends that joined our Church later in life and have told me more or less "No fair, I wish I would have had Primary and the youth programs you had growing up, I would have been able to avoid so many mistakes I made in my youth."  I also thought of those who waited for years to have the full blessings of the Gospel and to be able to hold the Priesthood.  My mind then jumped to the Pioneers who could say a big "NO FAIR" to just about everything we have now....."No Fair that we didn't have cars in our sure would have made the whole march to Salt Lake thing a LOT easier."  Anyway, I am VERY excited for all the young folks that will be able to serve missions right now. It is truly an exciting time and I am thrilled and grateful for the exciting news.

Here are a a few pictures I snagged off my iphone.

So sad, Daisy kept trying to hide from us when we were trying to get out of town.  I swear they know they are getting ditched for the family vacay.  As we were running around the house trying to find her on one of the occasions,  I could relate more and more to the Romney's strapping their dog to the top of the car.  All these people that mock that plan clearly don't travel with a big family.  Strapping the dog on top of the car seems pretty darn compassionate.  At least they took the dog along on vacation!  
I took these four on a little hike this afternoon to get out of the condo.  It was a beautiful day!  This picture is high on the dorky scale, but they are my kids, so I still think they look cute. 

Annie, always willing to strike a pose at any moment.  No editing this was so blue and the leaves were so beautiful!

I just thought these pictures were funny.  I walked in the house and Annie was laying on the couch like this.  She is often doing various gymnastic moves on the couches so I thought she was just resting.  Then I realized that she had actually fallen asleep!  The pictures don't capture how funny she looked!

I wonder what the kids would think if they came home from school and found me sound asleep on the couch like this.  (Especially with the skirt up and all.)  Seems kind of tempting.  Speaking of sleep, I need to get some!  Good night!

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