Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forever in the car

We had a great Spring Break. 
It was so nice to see family and old friends. 
I have lots to catch up on. 
For now, I am SO glad to be home and OUT of the car. 
I think I pack pretty light...still squishy.
Six kids, one dog, two adults-12 hour drive, another 8 hour drive, and then 16 back home again. 
So glad to be home!

 Not much sleeping took place, but when it did I pulled out my iphone. (Notice dog in corner, we are nuts for taking her.  She bolted from the car on the way home and almost got hit by a car.  Now that would have been tragic.)  Dog story coming soon.

This was what it was usually like, and the ones that were awake would wake up the sleeping ones.

Ryan humoring me taking pictures.

These guys actually burned some time going through the paper from the hotel. 

One is not really sleeping, one is. 

Some of the pretty scenery helps a little, but not enough.

I now must go to bed. Joshua had a huge project due in the morning and so we have been doing that ALL night. (Grrr...I swear everytime I will NOT help him if he procrastinates again.)  Have lots of unpacking and laundry tomorrow.  Can't wait.  Seriously, I can't.  It actually sounds fun.  

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